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Sinkholes! (3:09)

(Another reason to avoid walking around in certain parts of the world. Are we meat lollipops the earth wants to eat?)

A clip from the video of “Sinkholes!” appears in Victoria K. Greene’s fine documentary film, “Forgotten Bayou.”

I lived in Florida many years ago

a typical New Yorker

getting away from the snow

the culture and the food

and the people were great

but when I saw a bug bigger

than a dinner plate

I moved back north though I visit a lot

when the bugs aren’t so big and it’s not so hot

but now something else in Florida

has got me scared

I’m nervous when

I walk around down there


trouble beneath my feet


lookin’ for a snack to eat


swallowin’ houses and cars

Are we human caviar?


caused by the karst process

turn paradise into a mess

limestone, salt deposits, carbonate rocks

they are sinkhole building blocks

Cover collapse sinkhole is the scariest kind

I know what I’m talkin’ about

I looked it up online

sinkholes are happening far and near

in New Jersey yesterday

one caused panic and fear

They’re in Laos, Venezuela, Mexico, too,

in China, Slovenia what can we do?

to Australia, South Africa sinkholes aren’t strangers

even in New Guinea there’s sinkhole dangers!


peril beneath our feet

are we meat lollipops the earth wants to eat?


swallowin’ houses and cars

am I the only one who finds it bizarre?


caused by the karst process

turning paradise into a mess

some are man-made when we make mistakes

with irresponsible mining and water main breaks

In a town in Louisiana called Bayou Corne

in August 2012 a sinkhole was born

at first an acre in size now way bigger than that

forcing alligators, snakes, even muskrats

To escape from this gurgling pool

where survival of the fittest is no longer the rule

It belches and it bubbles as it burps up debris

swallowing cypress tree after cypress tree

after cypress tree after cypress tree . . .

There’s a documentary film called “Forgotten Bayou”

explains this sinkhole and its toxic brew

“Forgotten Bayou” won’t be forgotten by me

it’s a film I hope we all will see

When I started writing this song

I thought it would be funny

but Bayou Corne changed all that, honey

the townspeople struggle with sorrow and rage

the Bayou Corne Sinkhole has a facebook page


terror beneath our feet


hungry for a snack to eat


Swallowin’ houses and cars

I asked Alan Stern*

are there sinkholes on Mars?


poppin’ up all over the place

Dr. Stern said, “Yup, there’s sinkholes in space”


we can’t ignore

rvery day there are more


is fracking making things worse?

If the earth could

would the earth curse?


be careful where you step

oops there goes another Corvette


CL: vocal/guitar  Brian Bauers:  harmony vocals  

Steve Doyle: bass

Daniel Glass: percussion  

Alan Stern: cameo vocal

Handclaps: Christine Lavin, Brian Bauers, Steve Doyle, Daniel Glass, Julie Gold

  • S. Alan Stern is the principal investigator of The New Horizons mission to Pluto, and has been involved in 24 suborbital, orbital, and planetary space missions, including eight for which he was the mission instrument principal investigator.