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You Look Pretty Good For Your Age

You Look Pretty Good For Your Age
Words and Music by Christine Lavin
Recorded live at the Madison Folk Festival in Madison WI
on May 8 1999 for Wisconsin Public Radiio by Buzz Kemper

(Christine straps on the headlamp and ventures into the audience
to serenade the guests up close and personal)

You are a bit younger
Than I had expected
Your voice makes you sound so mature
I saw you drive your car into the parking lot
I heard you come through that door
What brings you here
Is the very same thing
That draws me tonight to that stage
And I must say to you
With all sincerity
You Look Pretty Good For Your Age

Now I know your work sometimes
Gives you a headache
And causes you heartache as well
But it's not what defines you
It simply sustains you
And if you're frustrated
No one can tell
Because right here and now
Is all that matters
You're no longer pacing the cage
And I must say to you
With all sincerity
You look so good you could be a White House Intern, or Page

I mean that in a good way

Now you could have stayed home
Curled up with a good book
Ordered in Pizza and Beer
But no, you got dressed up
You've put on Cologne (...and an earring)
Someone's wearing Paco Rabanne
I can smell it from here
Is that obsession you're wearing? Is it Hi-Karate?
You Bad boy!

(Christine spins around shining the head lamp around the room)

I know, it's a very dangerous move, it was my impression of a

I feel like we've been set up
This is a blind date
Who knows how we'll feel by the end
Will you walk away wondering
"What the hell was that?"
Or maybe I'll see you again and again
Right now let's relax
Take a deep breath
Let the moonlight be our gauge
And I'll repeat
Though it could be the heat
You look pretty good...
You've been workin' out..
C'mon lets see that muscle. Show everybody that muscle.
Oh and look... You've been flossing too! You good boy
You look Mighty Good For Your Age.