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Another New York Afternoon

Another New York Afternoon
Words and Music by Christine Lavin
Recorded live at the WFMT Folkstage in Chicago IL
on June 12 1999 by Eric Arunas with host and producer Rich Warren

I'm waiting for my sandwich at the deli
Frank Sinatra's on the radio
It's portebello, sprouts, and swiss, on whole wheat
He was alive not so long ago
We think people like Sinatra live forever
I order coffee with one sugar and some milk
But they never do
They leave us feeling blue
I spill the coffee on my dress
Damn! Silk.

Stewart wipes the coffee off the counter
As he hums "I've got you under my skin"
Offers me club soda and a dish towel
But it's too late, the stain is setting in
Stewart's looking for a women he can marry
He recommends the Dry Cleaner across the street
But the girls who come in here
For cigarettes and beer
Are not the kind of girls he wants to meet

We listen to the radio
Frank is singing soft and low
Polka-dots and moonbeams
Stewart's lost in daydreams
Still he builds that sandwich carefully
He adds tomato slices... free.
I'd introduce him if I could
To someone in this neighborhood

But he wants someone like the women in Franks movies
He holds out four fifty in change
And he's holding out for love on a grand scale
Sometimes I worry, Stewart is deranged
'Cuz every day the world comes to his doorstep
But he only sees what isn't there
He waves me out the door
That romantic dinosaur
I want a cab, but I descend the subway stairs
And now the man beside me is wearing headphones
Is that music... yes... Sinatras voice
The woman with him looks like she needs to talk
But right now, she is not first choice.

So I lean to listen in a little closer
"It Was A Very Good Year", my favorite tune
As we travel underground
The music curls around
Another New York Afternoon

Stewart sings along
With Sinatras song
It's Another New York Afternoon