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"This Moment"  David Ippolito

David Ippolito bio/photo

It takes a life to realize
what life is all about
And life is all about
this moment

I’m here with you
before we’re through
What secret will we tell?
I learn to know you well
this moment

How soon, too soon
the hours fly
I hear the clock go tickin’ by
I won’t pretend that time has been my friend

I bring my song
to sing my song for you
Until the end
And as I live my days
I’ll count the wonderous ways
That brought me here to praise
This moment

I hear the clock go tickin’ by
I only hope that time will be your friend
I live my life
to give my life with love
Oh, don’t you see
If only you’ll agree
please,Come along with me
I only guarantee
This moment


David Ippolito:  vocal and guitar
© John Wallowitch ASCAP, administered by Harry Fox