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"Christmas In L.A."  David Rasche

David Rasche photo/bio

Folks who went back east
are bundled in their warm attire
They'll be spending Christmas
roasting chestnuts by a fire
Here in California it might seem a little strange
But in my imagination everything's the same
The sand is snow
the palms are pines
my car becomes my sleigh
I'll be spending Christmas in LA.

There's no north wind to nip your nose
the Santa Ana's blow
And we take the freeway
as to Grandma's house we go
But that same star's a beacon here
for those who see its light
And is it my imagination
or did I catch sight
of that Little Man
he flies here, too
although we're far away.
I'll be spending Christmas in LA.

Christmas isn't east or west, it isn't where you live.
Christmas is what's in your heart, it's what you have to give.

The traffic's quiet on Christmas morn, the streetlights glow alone.
Kids are playing with their toys, and friends are on the phone
Who wish we didn't live so far, but I have come to see that
Deep in my imagination we're all around the tree,
Singing "Peace on Earth, Good Will to you, upon this Holiday."
I'll be spending Christmas -- where are you this Christmas?
I'll be spending Christmas in LA


David Rasche -- vocal
©David Rasche, Filthy Lucre Productions, Inc. BMI