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Don’t Take Anyone (4:40)

A  plea to potential shooters to put the gun down.

I’m sorry that the world has disappointed you

And all your grand plans have gone astray

And right now there is no one in your corner

To take the pain and agony away

Dark thoughts are turning inward and they’re leading you

To contemplate the lure of the abyss

Before you try anything irreversible

Please . . . consider this

We all go through life’s ups and downs

There are times when all our hearts ache

But lashing out in anger won’t fix anything

It’s just another horrible mistake

If you are determined to leave this world

If you can no longer take the status quo

I’m sorry that your life has come down to this

But don’t take anyone with you when you go

Don’t take anyone

Don’t take anyone

This is your fight

And yours alone

Don’t take your mother

That stranger over there or your brother

Don’t take anyone with you

Into the Great Unknown

‘Cause you don’t know what there is in the Hereafter

Buddha? Jesus? Allah? It’s all a guess

They are guideposts to help us on our journey

Do I want this journey to continue? Yes

And so do your friends and neighbors

If we don’t understand the struggle you endure

If we somehow were insensitive we’re sorry

But don’t pull us into your private war

And know that there are those who will help you

Don’t be afraid to ask they’ll take your hand

We don’t want to see you throw your life away

If you think we do, you misunderstand

But if you are determined to leave this world

If you cannot live with the status quo

Self destruction is nothing but a dead end

Not the way any of us want to go

Don’t take anyone

Please put down the gun

Oh my wayward son

Take a deep breath

Think of your mother

Your father, your sister and your brother

This is not a scene

That wants to end in death

Don’t take anyone

Though your world has come undone

Ending it now with a gun

Breaks the hearts of those left in your wake

Oh my wayward son

Put down the gun

Please please please

Don’t make this mistake


CL: vocal/guitar

Phil Klum: cello/bass/harmonies