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Each episode is between 45 min - hour. Aaron Gobler interviews you via zoom (with the camera OFF -- yes, you don't even have to comb your hair!) Old school radio. I just did it. I think you might make a great guest!

Each episode is between 45 min  hour Aaron Gobler interviews you via zoom with the camera OFF  yes you don039t even have to comb your hair Old school radio I just did it I think you might make a great guest

This is what happened: two weeks ago I got an email from a stranger who said he chose a song of mine for a radio show called, "My Three Songs." The host is in Berkeley, CA, Aaron Gobler, and he asks each guest to choose their 3 most memorable, meaningful songs and then talk about why you love them so much. This man chose my song, "The Kind Of Love You Never Recover From" and included a link to the show (the other two songs were by Buddy Holly and Harry Chapin - and I'm a big fan of both). So I listened to the show, and loved hearing these two guys talk about how much they loved music and what it's meant in their lives. So I wrote to Aaron and asked if I could be a guest.

Turns out I'm the first musician who's asked and my interview has just been posted.

Here's a road map:

Aaron’s Radio Show - Episode #54

Aaron Gobler interviews Christine Lavin who chooses her three most memorable, meaningful songs:

“Secret Gardens” by Judy Collins

“It Was A Very Good Year” by Frank Sinatra

“Breakfast” by Jane Godfrey


(Also below are four links to videos Christine mentions during the broadcast)

1:43 Christine will MC at the Philly Folk Festival August 19, 20, 21

Aaron and Christine chat

6:30 The Drowsy Chaperone shout-out

7:22 Lisa Lambert, co-author of “Drowsy” shout-out

Aaron and Christine chat

9:05 “Secret Gardens” by Judy Collins

14:28 chat about “Secret Gardens” use of orchestra

(Video Christine mentions)

16:28 Declan O’Rourke shout-out

“We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea” Declan O’Rourke

17:22 Bob Sherman shout-out

18:55 Abba Bogin shout-out

Bob Sherman mentioned again near the end, around 20:48

21:36 Paul Dooley story

22:02 Barbara Barrie shout-out

23:43 “It Was A Very Good Year” Frank Sinatra song ends 28:15

Aaron & Christine chat about this song

29:20 How I met Ervin Drake, the songwriter

32:00 Another (but anonymous) radio host plays an important part in connecting Frank Sinatra with this iconic song

32:25 Kingston Trio shout-out

36:00 shoeshine story about Frank Sinatra

38:58 “Not on my watch,” said Frank

40:00 Tierney Sutton story — Ervin writes two more verses for his iconic song “52” and “89”

(Video Christine mentions)

“It Was A Very Good Year” (with new verses) Ervin Drake

43:53 Songwriting advice from Johnny Mercer to Ervin Drake to Christine Lavin to Aaron Gobler to you

45:08 “Breakfast” by Jane Godfrey 51:13 song ends

Aaron & Christine chat about the song

51:45 John Weingart shout-out

Jane’s husband’s experience - tag ending makes all the difference - leaves you off in a whole different place - Aaron talks about Dads - instrumentation — mandolin/clarinet — tempo changes — Jane lives is Missouri - — her video for this song has a cover of an old-fashioned TV

(Here’s the video Christine and Aaron talk about)

“Breakfast” by Jane Godfrey

Bonus video (made by Christine)

“Secret Gardens” by Judy Collins

Thanks for listening!

1:00:49 end of broadcast

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If YOU would like to be a guest on Aaron's show, go to his website,, and click on "My Three Songs," and on that page click on "Be My Guest On 'My Three Songs'" -- you'll be asked to list 6 or more of your most memorable, meaningful songs, in case there's copyright issues, or length issues (each song has got to be shorter than 7 minutes). I listed six songs, but all six cleared the jumps, so I went with my top three -- they were always the ones I wanted.

So even though his show is on your computer screen, you don't have to look at it -- just listen. Old school! And start making YOUR list.



p.s. Have you had "do a radio show" on your bucket list? Here's your chance!