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Bad Girl Dreams

from folkZinger

Everyone's afraid to have a little fling
the threat of scary diseases
ruined everything
so most of us stick with the tried and the true
so what if we're unhappy?
what else can we do?

I have discovered
completely by chance
the way to unlock the safest
deep romance
I've piqued your interest
you're thinking 'what does she mean?' . . .
I have bad girl dreams

When I'm awake I'm so boringly good
I do like I'm told
I do like I should
but when I lay down
drift off into space
each night I find myself face to face
with a different stranger
I've never seen before
sometimes we're in a restaurant
sometimes it's a store
we engage in the most interesting scene
you fill in the blanks
it's a bad girl dream

Sometimes the strangers in my dreams say "Stop! I don't even know you!"
but I tell them 'it's allright, it's a dream, we can do anything
here, I'll show you . . .

I used to think flying in my dreams was the best
'til my new lucid dreams surpassed all the rest
now I can't wait to turn out the lights
let the bad girl in my take flight
so tonight after you have been tucked into bed
close your eyes remember what I've said
no need to feel guilty
it's all in your head
you'll awake so calm and serene
when you've had yourself
a bad girl dream

Next time you see me
you'll say 'thank you, Christine'
I too am having
bad girl dreams . . .
bad boy dreams . . .
you are getting very very sleepy . . .

© Christine Lavin Music (ASCAP) administered by Bug Music

updated: 1 year ago