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The Bends

The days are getting shorter
shadows growing longer
the temperature is falling
his resolve is growing stronger
he closes all the curtains
shuts the windows tight
throws an extra log into the fireplace tonight
he falls asleep while reading books
on scuba divers suffering from the bends
in the morning goes to work
a job he hates but he's learned to pretend

The nights are getting longer
the days are growing short
again she had that dream about
the child she aborted
standing in a penthouse
waiting for the elevator
it opened, there he stood
she was so afraid he'd hate her
He wrapped his arms around her said
'you did not have a clue what you had done
after all the years gone by
who knew that you would be the lonely one'

The longer that you live
the less you want to hide
but you keep on gazing straight ahead
and keep most of it inside
people who look at you
assume you have conformed
they judge you by your politics
and by your uniform
then one night you dream you're knocking
on the cathedral door
you want to confess to someone
but you don't trust the clergy anymore

The darkness is approaching
the light is growing dim
you swim the line of demarcation
humming ancient hymns
the more you see things clearly
the less you understand
and all of your ambition
amounts to a grain of sand
you hold your breath and close your eyes
and wonder if the best is yet to be
or have dreams morphed to nightmares
rolling out into the angry sea

Days are getting shorter
night is growing longer
the acorns are falling
he brews his coffee stronger
closes all the curtains
locks the windows tight
throws an extra log into
the fireplace tonight
© Christine Lavin Music (ASCAP) administered by Bug Music