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Winter In Manhattan

I love springtime in Paris
summer at the shore
autumn in New England
but the season I love even more . . .

is winter in Manhattan
you never know what to expect
some days it's a snowy wonderland
other days it rains you get wet
some days the shiny sun
bounces brightly off buildings on Park Avenue  
other days the sky's so foggy and grey
it makes every Manhattanite bluer than blue


when it's winter in Manhattan
you're never quite sure how to dress
so you check in with the Weather Channel
(it's better to know than to guess)
you clatter down the subway steps
trying not to slip and slide as you go
stare down the tunnel, glare at your watch
you smile at neighbors you don't really know

when it's winter in Manhattan
it could be a balmy 50 degrees
but you can still skate at Rockefeller Center
in bluejeans and shirt sleeves
you put up with the people who come here to gawk
at that freakishly enormous decorated tree
the shop window displays the Broadway plays
(Dame Edna's back, I hope she stays)

Whatever this winter will be in Manhattan
it won't be like any winter we've seen before
at least once a week we'll break some record
(the weathermen love to keep score)
the  cabdrivers love it when it's windy and cold
they make money all day and all night
and the horse and buggy drivers in Central Park
take tourists for a spin, kissin' in the moonlight

(instrumental break)

Winter in Manhattan
is like living in a movie set
we wave to the crew of 'Law & Order'
(as good as TV can possibly get)
maybe we're only extras in their crowd scenes
but we star in our very own play
when the sun sets over New Jersey it's a wrap
we raise a glass up and we say

Here's to winter in Manhattan
where the snow rarely sticks to the street
where restaurants stay open 24 hours
you might be cold but you can eat
no matter how blustery it gets
no matter how much snow the Canadian air mass brings
just remember that winter in Manhattan
is very often followed by
Manhattan in the spring . . .

it's winter . . .
I love winter . . .
it's winter in Manhattan


This song is also on this album recorded by THE ACCIDENTALS
© Christine Lavin Music (ASCAP) administered by Bug Music