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Happy Divorce Day

Happy Divorce Day
© 1997 Christine Lavin

We are gathered here together
for this woman and this man
they look each other in the eye
and take each other's hand
they once promised love forever
now they're here to take it back
they don't hate each other
but they need to cut each other slack

They'd give back the wedding gifts
except they've all been used
please forgive them if they both seem
dazed and confused
they had no idea on the day
they made their wedding vow
that love could lead them to
where they're standing now

And they are sorry for the angry words
they didn't really mean
in the heat of battle
they just let off too much steam
they apologize for everything
that ever brought on tears
and they hope that when they look back
they won't regret these years

Their plans for the future
just blew up in their face
the pieces drifted aimlessly
landed all over the place
no way that they can pick them up
and start over again
so they dust themselves off, shake hands
and walk away as friends

So let's raise a glass
but let's not raise our voice
be glad we have the wisdom
be glad we have the choice
to admit our failures
then move on
no use to keep trying
when you know the love is gone

And perhaps in the future
when we think back to this day
we'll smile and be grateful
that things worked out this way
though it's with sadness we arrived here
we leave with lighter hearts
knowing some of us are better off
when we are apart