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Most of the guests Robin invited, but there's a few surprises thrown in that Robin loved and you will, too --

Most of the guests Robin invited, but theres a few surprises thrown in that Robin loved and you will, too --

Tom Rush, Daniel Cainer, Rod MacDonald, and David Roth perform brand new songs. Marilyn Rea Beyer, host of "The Midnight Special" every Saturday night on WFMT in Chicago does an original poetry reading. Megon McDonough sings one of the classic tunes from her repertoire that now spans 50 years. Lisa Klotz sings the brand new anthem, "Ukrainian Now," written by John McCutcheon and Tom Paxton. You'll learn how Buskin & Batteau unwittingly jumpstarted the career of the trio, "Brother Sun." You'll hear a brand new song by an artist who is probably new to you, David LaMotte, the best pandemic song I've heard to date.  And with the notes below you can jump around, take your time, play some songs over again.

For any of you who attended, you know the concert raised over $1400 for Robin's tuition fund, that he is splitting with the Sirius Animal Rescue Charity in Kyiv.  

53 years after his class graduated, Robin returned to his alma mater, studied hard, passed his exams and today walked with the class of 2022 to receive his college degree.  Let's all be inspired by his example.

ROBIN BATTEAU ZOOM GRADUATION MUSIC PARTY - 3 hours, 13 minutes, 16 seconds

:00 Opening credits:

10 Robin Batteau welcomes everyone

6:22 “Terracotta Heart” © Robin Batteau ASCAP

12:23 Robin introduces David Buskin

14:49 “Nico” by David Buskin, Poso Music/ASCAP21:24 “Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain” by David Buskin, Poso Music/ASCAP

26:25 The Four Bitchin’ Babes “It’s All About You Robin”27:16 Tom Rush “I Quit” BMG Publishing

29:54 Lisa Patterson Lay testimonial

30:40 Christopher Lavin testimonial

31:08 DJ Sleepy John Sandidge testimonial

31:30 Bruce Ginsberg testimonial

33:03 Daniel Cainer “Sailing On The Ionian Sea"  PRS

36:49 Marilyn Rea Beyer testimonial

37:45 Megon McDonough “If Love Is A Dream” Wooden Nickel Publishing, ASCAP

41:23 Rod MacDonald riffs

43:49 “Enough About Me” Rod MacDonald Blue Flute Music ASCAP

47:29 “Water Music” reading by Marilyn Rea Beyer

50:35 “Let Me Be That Clear” Janie BarnettMinor Regrets Music, ASCAP

59:14 Lisa Klotz & Mark Dann “Ukrainian Now” ©2022, John McCutcheon/Appalsongs, ASCAP and Tom Paxton/Bristow Songs, SESAC

1:02:26 Cliff Eberhardt “Things We Leave Behind” Hank Sr. Music BMI

1:07:22 Louise Mosrie “October” Zoe Cat Music BMI

1:10:32 Neale Eckstein “Waiting In The Wings” ASCAP by Neale Eckstein and Robin Batteau, Spongelove Publishing, Robin Batteau (ASCAP)

1:18:28 John Forster “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Lost” Limousine Music, ASCAP

1:23:32 Greg Greenway “Can’t Get Out Of My Own Way” © Sheen of Heat Music BMI

1:30:42 Kyle Hancharick “Love Shine Through” © 2022 Kyle Hancharick ASCAP

1:36:13 Robin’s niece Yolande says hi  

1:38:33 David LaMotte “Coming Alive Again” David LaMotte © 2022 Dryad Publishing, ASCAP

1:45:34 Hugh O’Doherty “Music Room” ©2019 Hugh M. O’Doherty  

1:52:32 Pierce Pettis testimonial

1:53:23 Elaine Romanelli “One Small Drop” BMI

1:57:20 David Roth "Robin's Hood" © Maythelight Music ASCAP

2:06:59 Gail Finnie Rundlett “Single Wing” © Robin Batteau ASCAP

2:14:17 Carolann Solebello “The Bird & The Boat”© Carolann Solebello, In Terra Pax Music, ASCAP

2:18:29 Robin introduces Jeff & Fran Southworth

2:25:31 “Choose Joy” written by Robin Batteau, performed by Fran & Jeff Southworth

2:29:47 Kate Taylor "Princess On The Pond" © Devil's Bridge Music BMI

2:38:23 “Younger Than My Years” by Tom Toce & Charles Rosenberg, © Retrograde Music ASCAP2:45:28 Annie Wenz "Danger Zone” © Island Gypsy Publishing, ASCAP

2:51:21 Kenny White & Angela Reed ”Who’s Gonna Be the One” © Kenny White, MVP Music ASCAP

2:57:42 shout-out to Eileen and Allan Pepper & The Bottom Line

2:59:00 John Forster "The Zoom Song"  © John Forster, Limousine Music Co. (ASCAP)

3:04:39 Robin Batteau & Friends “Lancelot’s Tune (Guinevere)” © Robin Batteau, ASCAP

3:10:11"How Can You Love Me" © Robin Batteau (ASCAP) with Yani Batteau harmonies under the closing credits

3:13:16 FINIS