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What Was I Thinking In 1999?

What Was I Thinking in 1999?
Words and Music by Christine Lavin
Recorded live at the Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs NY
on August 20 1999 by Bob Noble of Hill & Valley Studio
Original Version; Copyright 1993 CL2 ASCAP

It was a last minute invitation
I did not have a thing to wear
I ran into the store I said
"I need something black,
Something formal,
Other than that,
I don't care"
I made it to the theatre as the lights dimmed
The first act was brilliantly fun
When I caught my reflection during intermission
I thought... "What have I done?"

What was I thinking?
What, was I blind?
When I bought this outfit
I must have been temporarily out of my mind
What was I thinking?
Look at this dress
My endorphins are sinking
My life is a mess

My Hairdresser said
"It's time for a new doo
You've had that look for way too long"
So he showed me a perm in a magazine
And I thought "sure, what could go wrong?"
I should have known by the sounds he was making..."oh boy"
Something was going awry
After two hours
I put on my glasses
I could not believe my eyes!

What was he thinking?
I can't believe what I see
I look in the mirror
Art Garfunkal's looking back at me
What was he thinking?
Quick! Steal me a hat
I should look on the bright side
Unlike Art, at least mine will grow back

Ahh Ahh Ah
Ach tu libre
Ahh Ahh Ah
Ah buat a chiena
Ahh Ahh Ah
Oh mui bosza
Ahh Ahh Ah
Que la sti la la vie amour ahh

I put that in so people would think I was doing World Music

She was a sweet little girl named Monica
Brought up in Beverly Hills
She got an unpaid job at the White House
In an office, not far from Bill's
It did not bother her one bit
He was old enough to be her dad
'Cuz she had plans for that man
That included Presidential Kneepads

What was she thinking?
This is not love
Not when you are always on your knees
And he is always up above
What was she thinking?
Honey, good luck
You've learned the hard way
Don't politics suck?