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Prisoners Of Their Hairdos

from: Compass
Prisoners Of Their Hairdos
Words and Music by Christine Lavin/Flip-A-Jig
Tunes ASCAP Copyright 1991 Rounder Records

What do
Crystal Gayle
 Dorothy Hamill
  Don King
   Lyle Lovett
    and Gloria Steinem have in common

They are Prisoners of Their Hairdos
Prisoners of Their Hair
If they changed the way they combed their hair
They'd never be recognized anywhere
They're prisoners

What do
Stevie Nicks
 Leon Redbone
  Pee Wee Herman
   Tom Wolfe
    and Pope John Paul have in common

They are prisoners of their wardrobes
Prisoners of their clothes
If they changed the outfits that they wear
Nobody would stop and stare
They're prisoners

It's a little tragic, it's a little weird
ZZ Top are prisoners of their beards
Imagine them weightless in outerspace
Beards and shades flyin' all over the place

Don't worry, that'll never happen, except maybe in a music video

There's a very fine line
Between a groove and rut
Fine line between eccentrics
And people who are just plain nuts
Aw but why should I concern myself
With such superficial fare
'Cause I'm a prisoner of these stupid thoughts
Which is worse than being a prisoner of my haaaaair do

I wonder if Crystal Gayle has ever had a bad dream about being trapped with Ted Koppel,
and Mary Travers. Being chased by a wild pack of sissors toward a swimming pool filled with
Nair. Oh my gawd what a nightmare that would be for Crystal Gayle.
Wake up Crystal Gayle.
Wake up.

Oh no, here comes Dolly Parton. What is she doing in this song?
She's only a prisoner of a wig.
Get out of here Dolly, you don't belong.
No offense.

Oh my goodness! It's the B-52's.
They're not prisoners of their hairdo's.
Their hairdo's are prisoners of them.
Oooh... That's really scary!