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I have a friend named Mary

she's from Ireland

yes, she believes in fairies but she’s got

a hankerin' for men

men who are quite manly

with that manly squint

If you haven’t figured it out

Mary's got a thing for Clint

Yes, that handsome actor

who once talked to an empty chair

but don't bring that up with Mary

she just doesn't care

because her love for him transcends

all politics and so

take a look - have you ever seen

a woman more aglow?

Mary is a goldsmith

she’s been on TV

she’s gone about as far as she can go

at least professionally

she toils at her work bench

makes jewelry sublime

she’s living the dream

though she looks forward to the time

when she and Clint will meet

so she’s sketching out ideas

for something she’ll make just for him

like what you see here and here

and here and here and here

She’ll make a pair of golden cufflinks

adorned with his initials

and the day she gets to give them to him

it will be official

That Clint will fall for Mary

and her dancing Irish eyes

he'll finally settle down with

a woman warm and wise

whose last name I cannot say

except it starts with an "E"

her initials will not change

when Clint says, "Mary, marry me”

Mary marry me

Mary marry me

Mary marry me

Mary marry me

Mary marry me

Mary marry me

Mary marry me

Mary marry me


Clint, I know Jeff Daniels

you know Jeff Daniels, too

you can call him up and ask him

is what I’m saying true?

he'll tell you, “Yes it is, Clint

as strange as it seems

to this Irish woman Mary

you are the stuff of dreams

I met her by the stage door

of "To Kill A Mockingbird"

she's a lot younger than you -- and pretty

You have my word

If I were you I'd take a chance

what have you got to lose?

she’s a lovely work of art

might be your next muse”

You need a muse Clint

you need a muse Clint

Mary will amuse Clint

how can you refuse Clint

you need a muse Clint

you need a muse Clint

she’ll light your fuse, Clint

time to choose Clint


I am just a songwriter

who is friends with a girl

from small town Ireland

giving America a whirl

She's loved a man for years

but loved him from afar

I hope this song finds you, Clint,

wherever it is you are

There’s a pair of golden cufflinks waiting

to be made for you

by an Irish lassie goldsmith

what you gonna do?

pick up the phone and ask her out

for dinner and you know

you’ve got a friend on Broadway

who can get you tickets to his show

Tickets to his show Clint

someone you know Clint

drink a Bordeaux Clint

with a hot potato Clint

she could be your muse, Clint

how can you refuse, Clint

she will light your fuse, Clint

time to choose, Clint

Tickets to his show Mary

starring someone you know Mary

drink a Bordeaux Mary

hot potato Mary

she could be your muse Mary

How can you refuse Mary

she will light your fuse Mary

time to choose . . . Mary, marry me!


Christine Lavin: vocal, high string guitar, guitar

Steve Doyle: bass

Brian Bauers and Steve Doyle: men’s chorus

Ashley Madison Bauers: harmony

Debi Smith of the Four Bitchin’ Babes: bodhran