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My sister Mary loved visiting mom

would take her out for a ride

they both enjoyed the open road

and gently rolling countryside

So different from the nursing home

where she’d sit in a chair

thinking that she’d just arrived

and wanting to get away from there

They’d drive past farms and sometimes stop

buy fruit and fresh picked corn

gather sunflowers and wild roses

being careful with the thorns

But most of all Mom loved to sit

quiet by the lake

eating vanilla ice cream

no need for cake

on one lovely sunny day

my sister Mary and my mother

were enjoying time spent on the shore

simply with each other

When a giant osprey swooped on down

right out of the blue

dove feet first into the lake

The way that ospreys do

emerged with a great big lake trout

wriggling in its claws

my sister Mary and my mother watched it

defying gravity’s laws

flapped its wings so hard

struggling with the weight

of a fish that no doubt now had

an elevated heart rate

My sister Mary and my mother

witnessed this dramatic show

Nature in all its splendor

beauty . . . wonder . . . woe

They watched the bird and wriggling fish

disappear into the sky

then my mother said

“I hope that fish had a dream to fly”


Christine Lavin: vocal and guitar

Steve Doyle: bass:

Brian Bauers: harmonies

Ashley Madison Bauers: harmonies

Daniel Glass: percussion

Robin Batteau: violin