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Look up on Thursday Feb 27th to watch Venus kiss the moon.  Again.

Look up on Thursday Feb 27th to watch Venus kiss the moon. nbspAgain.

Venus Kissed The Moon by Christine Lavin

with Lisa Gutkin on violin, Mark Dann on bass and piano

Three platforms: vimeo, youtube, facebook:

Today I got an email from Amy Wohl, including the link to an article about how Venus is about to kiss the moon again on Thursday night. The last time this happened was probably 1989 -- I checked and the album with this song, ATTAINABLE LOVE, was released in March 1990 and based on the lead time (at the time) for making records (yes, vinyl) meant that most of the songs on that album were written in 1988/1989.

I remember a lot of the details about that night. I was on the Upper West Side, in a taxi with my long-time love, and we were stuck behind a garbage truck doing its rounds. Maury was so aggravated -- he hated wasting time, and there we were, in a cab, boxed-in, with a line of cars behind us, and a garbage truck in front of us.

So I looked out the window of the cab, and much to my surprise -- having forgotten reading earlier in the day that this was the night that Venus was going to kiss the moon, by golly, we had a front row seat, watching it happen in the sky right above us. Maury was still a bit aggravated, but I wasn't anymore. I told him that it wouldn't happen again til 2031 -- that's what I remembered reading -- so aren't we lucky that this garbage truck made us stop and look up.

I think the next day I wrote the song, and I included the information about 2031 being the next time.

But then today I read that it's happening on Thursday night, February 27th. Can that be? And now I realize that maybe I read it would be 31 years later it would happen again -- because now it's 31 years later. I can't find any information right now, and I'm eager to share this video -- so I apologize if I sang it wrong all those years ago. And I encourage you to look up on Thursday night -- hoping for clear skies -- so you can see it again.

According to the article written by Emma Rosemurgey, on Saturday night, March 28th, Venus swings around again to plant one on the moon from the other direction (I think -- remember, I got a D in Astronomy so I'm never quite sure what I'm talking about). So if you miss it on Thursday, you'll have another month to look up again.