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Bring Back The Bow

Next person who hugs and kisses me and then says
"cough, cough, cough, I'm sick!"
Please see why I feel justified
giving you one swift kick
If you are sick you must not touch
I can't stress this point too much
I know you love everybody
everybody loves you
but it doesn't mean we love your germs and microbes too
What to do . . .
what to do . . .
what to do . . .

Bring back the bow
starting right now
if you're sick and touch me -- ka pow!
Come on sick people, bow!

Bring back the bow
I'll show you how
you're thinking, wow!
let's bring back the . . .

But maybe bowing is
is not your style
here's another move
I behoove you to use when you're sick
that won't get me riled
just adopt a serious look
think Nixon when he said
I am not a crook
then press your two palms together
greet people with this
if you are under the weather

that's all you say
it helps if you pretend to pray
when you say Namaste
will keep sick at bay
chase colds away
with a bold Na-ma . . .

Maybe namaste and bowing
for you are too formal
here's something else you can do
that's just a bit more normal
if a sneezy person comes at you
with their lips in a pucker
scream "get away from me
you sick . . . lozenge sucker!"

Or say namaste and bow
by now you know how
if you touch me, ka-pow!
come on, sick people, bow

Yes, bring back the bow
let's all kow tow
how now brown cow
bring back . . .

If your head hurts
your belly aches
no hugs
no kisses
no handshakes
starting here and now
let's bring back
don't make me have to smack you!
let's bring back the bow
p.s. The knuckle tap is OK, too


Christine Lavin:  guitar and vocal
© Christine Lavin Music ASCAP (administered by Bug Music)