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That Elusive Blue (featuring Robin Batteau)

Dedicated to the memory of John Wallowitch

It's that time of day
the sun has gone down
afternoon is over
quiet settles on this town
the sky is changing color
as if on cue
it's an elusive shade of blue

(violin solo)

that elusive blue
there's no crayon in that shade
that elusive blue
so quickly starts to fade
into the darkness
it disappears from view
it was there
where did it go . . .

on a plane to Denver
late afternoon
sitting by the window
looking for the rising moon
the sun is falling faster
than this tiny plane can fly
chasing that elusive shade of blue
across the sky

that elusive blue
a jewel tone so rare
that elusive blue
flirting with the air
there is lapis lazuli and indigo
you will see through
but there is nothing quite like
that elusive shade of blue

that elusive blue
casts a spell on us below
that elusive blue
will be gone before you know
so many never look up
but all you dreamers do
you glimpse but for a moment
that elusive shade of blue


Christine Lavin:  guitar and vocal
Steve Doyle:  bass
Robin Batteau:  violin
© Christine Lavin Music ASCaP (administered by Bug Music)