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A Firefly's Life

Inspired by "Blink Twice If You Like Me" written by Carl Zimmer, NY Times
Blink Twice If You Like Me

I'm a girl firefly out tonight
Sitting in the summer grass
Waiting for boy fireflies to fly by
And signal me as they pass

For every one of me there's ten of them
I think those odds are fine
They're gonna have to compete
To get to meet me
But I get to choose which one will be mine

There's 2,000 species of fireflies
That have been discovered so far
You can tell by the pattern of our blinky butts
Exactly what species we are

There's Pyractomena Angulata
Photinus Ignatus
And my my gang Photinus Greeni
I'm a flirty Photi girl waiting for
that special flashy fun guy

A firefly's life is short and sweet
Only lasts two weeks long
Most of that time is spent looking for love
Our romantic feelings are strong

For two years before this I was larvae in the dirt
Eating earthworms snails and slugs
Now I only have 14 days
to live the life of a lightning bug

Though that name is a misnomer
I'm not a bug at all
Fireflies are in the beetle family
You know what drives us up the wall?

Those firefly femme fatales
With their deceptive sneak attack
They turn lonely lovesick boy fireflies
into a crunchy midnight snack

Yes it's a world of love and danger
Out here in the dark
Every summer night you can watch us
In the back yard in the park

Please don't try to capture us
Fireflies gotta be free
A mayonnaise jar is jail to us
A place we never want to be

Enjoy the show we put on for you
With our bioluminescent lights
Cuddle with your sweethearts while we cuddle with ours
On these lazy summer nights

Yes, a firefly's life is short and sweet
Only lasts two weeks long
Most of that time I'm looking for love
Though I took a break to write this song


Christine Lavin:  guitar and vocals
Steve Doyle:  bass
Brian Bauers, Steve Doyle, David Ippolito:  flirty boy fireflies
© Christine Lavin Music (ASCAP) administered by Bug Music