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I breathe in and you are there

as necessary as the air

essential as the leaf is to the tree

I see your eyes in every light

your shadow swallows up the night

the rain it whispers with your voice to me

You’re the beat behind my heart

like some famous work of art

my life was changed the moment I beheld you

I told myself to let you pass

you burn too hot

you burn too fast

this one’s a mistake

and then I held you . . . and held you . . .

I’ll find another love no doubt

somethings we’re better off without

And so I try to breathe you out . . . but then

I find somehow I’m breathing in again . . .


by Amanda McBroom & Michele Brourman

MARYJO MUNDY as a little girl found a 45 record outside while she was playing one day and when she went to listen to it on her record player, she discovered it was Aretha Franklin singing the Lerner & Loewe classic “If Ever I Would Leave You”. The Universe already had plans for this soulful one, MaryJo, who found a deep love and inspiration that day...shortly after she made her musical debut at a Church in Minnesota where she got her first standing ovation at the age of six. She knew from that moment on that her life had to be about music.

She went on to explore Musical Theater in High School and College. Then when she moved to Chicago in her 20’s she began her journey into Cabaret and did her first show and has been hooked on the American Songbook ever since.

When she moved to LA, she started a night for singers at the Gardenia on Tuesday nights (originally called Mundy on Tuesdays!) and it has been going strong now for the last 20 years.

She was part of a choir that sang in Barbra Streisand’s Timeless concerts at the Staples Center after being called her protégé by Mr. Blackwell in an article he wrote for the Tolucan Times. She then released her debut CD “Halfway to Heaven” in 2007 and has also appeared on Lee Lessack’s “In Good Company”, “Christine Lavin & Friends” as well as others. In 2009 she had the honor of singing at the Opening Ceremonies for the Special Olympics.

Beloved for her powerful and striking voice she also has sensitive side which is heard on her latest CD “The Fourteenth Confession: Songs of Laura Nyro” released on June 14th, 2019.