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Christine Lavin

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Please Don't Make Me Too Happy

Please Dont Make Me Too Happy

Released: 1995

Honorable Mention, 1995 NAIRD Singer/Songwriter Album of the Year. PHYSICAL DISC OUT OF PRINT, BUT THE MUSIC IS AVAILABLE AT iTUNES.

Not only does the song "Please Don't Make Me Too Happy" list all my fears if indeed I do become too happy, but, like a nightmare, they all come true by the end of the song. I think of "Jagged Hearts" as the ultimate safe-sex song for the '90s. "The Sixth Floor" came after I visited the Kennedy Museum in Dallas. I was not prepared for the experience, and wrote this song on my way back to the hotel. "Oh No" is a behind-the-scenes peek at a slice of my glamorous life. I worked on Please Don't Make Me Too Happy with some great musicians, among them guitarists Frank Christian and Steve Johnson, bassist Zev Katz, and keyboard player Tommy Mandel, and with my favorite producer, Steve Rosenthal.

"Christine Lavin puts delightful melodies behind wry, witty and perceptive observations about life." -New York Daily News