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Christine Lavin

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The Stealth Project, Music Under The Radar

The Stealth Project Music Under The Radar


Released: 1999

Part of why this is called The Stealth Project is that my plan is to promote this in a very grass-roots way, starting here at this web site and at my shows. The first 2000 copies are going to be packaged in cardboard digipaks that are unbreakable, environmentally friendly, and great looking. They will not be in stores. If we decide to sign a distribution deal for stores the packaging most likely will change, since the digipak is not the industry norm, and costs more.

The disk will come in at just under 77 minutes. 77 minutes 10 seconds is the absolute maximum you can put on a disk for replication, so you can see I have gone as far as I can in that area. The liner notes will contain all the information you will need to follow up on the artists you hear: web sites, email addresses, concert booking contact numbers.

I am hoping this will be a disk you will share with a music-loving friend, or give as a gift. The songs are so well-written and recorded -- some are flat-out hilarious, others will take your breath away with their heartbreaking beauty. One isn't even a song, it's a five-minute rant delivered with the kind of expert timing developed after years of working in front of live audiences. Stealth audiences not tracked by Billboard, or Grammies, or VH1. This disk is for you, and since you are reading this at my web site, I know you know what I'm talking about.

updated: 2 years ago