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Technical Rider

ARTIST requires at least one stage hand to be available during set-up and breakdown. Access to the performance hall is required three (3) hours prior to performance, and the stage hand is asked to assist ARTIST with load-in and load-out.

A sound check will be required on the day of the show after the stage is set and all equipment is in operation. Sound check will occur prior to the opening of the house and three (3) hours prior to show time. Lighting operator should be present at sound check as well.
A step unit from the stage to audience level will be provided. ARTIST comes down the stairs in the dark so that glo tape should be put on each step of the unit and a mark on the floor.

An hour prior to performance, the ARTIST will meet with ticket holders who bring their knitting to the concert. Knitting is an integral part of the performance. The knitting circle should take place outside the theatre or concert hall, ideally in the lobby. It is most helpful for the promoter to arrange for a "knitting hostess" to facilitate the circle so that the ARTIST is able to interact with people.

ARTIST will provide recorded music to be used pre-show, intermission and post show and is to be considered part of the performance.  It is on her laptop.


PRESENTER AND/OR SOUND TECHNICIAN will review all aspects of the technical portion of this rider, including stage plot, with TERRY GABIS. Contact information is as follows: phone: 917-446-6280 E-mail: This review / conversation is to take place no later than two weeks prior to the contracted date of engagement.

PRESENTER will supply a first-class sound system and professional operator.

One (1) professional quality mixing board (such as SOUNDCRAFT, YAMAHA, CREST) with a minimum of (8) channels. Each channel will have a 4 band EQ with two semi-parametric sweepable mids along with one separate pre-fader auxiliary send for monitors and one post fader auxiliary send for FX.
Speakers must be arrayed to provide full range coverage to all seats in the venue and system amplifiers must provide a minimum of 1 watt per person.

Speakers must be bi-amped and contain a minimum of (1) 15 low frequency driver and (1) 2 high frequency driver.

House and monitor equalizers must be of 31 band or 1/3 octave graphic type (such as KLARK-TEKNIK, BSS)

The system must include one professional quality multi FX unit (such as YAMAHA, SPX 900, 990 or equivalent), the FX units output is to be returned to a console channel input so that it may be sent to monitors if needed by ARTIST.

  • One (1) vocal mic (Shure SM58 or comparable) on boom stand for audience participation or in the event of a problem with ARTISTs wireless vocal mic. ARTIST supplies her own wireless mics for her guitar and vocals.
  • Three (3) direct input boxes (guitar, vocal, laptop).
  • Two (2) on-stage floor monitors (such as JBL, EAW or Elector Voice with 12 speaker and high frequency horn.)
  • One (1) grounded 20 amp quad box located on stage.
  • Adequate electrical service and electrical facilities to be installed in advance by licensed electricians in accordance with the standards of the community. SOUND SYSTEM AND LIGHTING MUST NOT BE ON SAME CIRCUITS OR SAME LEG OF POWER.


    PRESENTER shall provide professional stage lighting and an operator. ARTIST shall have sole authority in controlling or directing the control of all lighting equipment including:

    1. a 12 x 9 lit rectangle of light set 2 feet from the edge of the stage. Gel for warm tones
    2. Spotlight or follow spot is NOT required
    3. Stage lighting must be separate from house lighting.
    4. Adequate electrical service and electrical facilities to be installed in advance by licensed electricians in accordance with the standards of the community.