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Santa Monica Pier

from Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind

Words and Music by Christine Lavin

I've got beachglass and tokens in my pocket
Sizing up each others worth
Neither onell do me any good here
I throw them into the surf
The palm trees all look
A little bit like Tuna Turner looks from behind
The boys on their skateboards
Have strategically tousled hair
The Bon Jovi kind
I am a stranger here
Strolling down the Santa Monica Pier
Picnic baskets and fishing gear
Ice cream cones and souvenirs
Theres a fine warm western breeze
Stirring up the Tina Turner Trees
Oh I have dreamed of days like these
All of my life.
Rollerskaters with their headphones on
Sway to the private beat
I drop into the Crown and Anchor
Time to eat, time to eat
No matter what it is I order
I know theres an avocado
Hidden on this plate
I dont like them
But I still eat them
Im not tempting fate.
Back home I hear the stock markets booming
The bears and the bulls
Are taking it all in stride
Out here theyre hot air ballooning
They go zooming up into the sky
Look at that beautiful Mexican boy
Holding tight to his Papas hand
Mira! Mira! He cries
As he points to the papaya juice stand
Look at that old lady dozing off
I wonder what shes dreaming of
What could be better than this
Except for maybe being in love.