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Christine Lavin

Out Of Print

One Wild Night in Concert

One Wild Night in Concert


Released: 1998

"I was standing in the wings that night in late November at the Blue Moon Coffeehouse in Bloomington, Illinois, when I heard Darcy Greder announce that the show was being taped for radio station WGLT. I had no idea! Well, I must have known, but I had forgotten. Anyway, I took the stage and performed the show I had planned, not thinking about the tape rolling. We all just had a bunch of fun. The next day I woke up and thought, 'Hmmm...I wonder if this could be a live album?' Well, here it is. It was recorded straight to DAT tape - no sweetening, no fixing, the audience wasn't even miked - so what you have here is simply a live night out at a coffeehouse."
•Christine Lavin

The premier album on Christine's own record label,, this features many new songs, plus concert favorites not on any other album. Christine's onstage hilarity shows why she's one of the folk circuit's most popular and creative performers.