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Christine Lavin

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The Seasons Project


handmade wooden box
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wooden thumbdrive for The Seasons Project
hand made ukranian box with thumbdrive inside
The Seasons Project Spring Summer Autumn Winter list of artists

Released: 2023

There are 80 songs, all on a single thumb drive (mp3 and wav files), along with a digital "booklet" that is over 400 pages of lyrics, photos, and bios on all the artists.

hand made ukranian box with thumbdrive inside

It's all four seasons -- Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter -- inspired by two albums I made back in the day "When October Goes" which was released on Rounder back in the 1990s, and "On A Winter's Night" that was released in 1990 on North Star Records, then Rounder updated it in 2004 -- so both albums have at least one new track, and both have had all the songs remastered by Philip Klum, the mastering engineer who remastered the entire Lomax Collection for the Smithsonian. He's as good as it gets. He also mastered all the tracks on Spring (titled, "Coming Alive Again") and Summer (titled "Last Song For You"). The wooden boxes (your choice of dark or light wood) are made by Ukrainian artisan Mykhailo Chaban. There are only 300 manufactured, and I don't know if we can afford to make more. So if you want it, don't wait -- get it now. And make sure you tell me if you want dark wood or light wood.

Some of the songs are brand new (like Daniel Cainer's "Don't Tell Greta" whose recording also showcases the voice of Greta Thunberg, the teenage climate activist from Sweden -- done with her permission) and some of the songs are old (like "Sudden Waves" recorded by June Tabor, written by Les Barker -- who died in January -- he was so excited about this project -- both "Spring" and "Summer" are dedicated to him. "Sudden Waves" was recorded in the early 1990s).

wooden thumbdrive for The Seasons Project

Some are in-between, like my song, "Another New York Afternoon" that I recorded live at WFMT in Chicago in June 1999, a live show with Rich Warren, but then added bass and cello to it in NYC in February 2023.

I created this collection with an eye firmly fixed on the future -- expecting 50 - 100 years from now folklorists will find it useful.

The Seasons Project Spring Summer Autumn Winter list of artists

COMING ALIVE AGAIN: Songs for Spring

(Dedicated to Les Barker)

1. February - Dar Williams 3:50
2. Coming Alive Again - David LaMotte 3:58
3. Dandelion - Jaspar Lepak 3:24
4. Melting Snow - Mad Agnes Trio 3:30
5. The Garden - Peter Mayer 3:44
6. Life Is Like A Garden - Electric Bonsai Band 2:44
7. The Cranes - Patty Larkin w/David Wilcox 3:10
8. Esperanza (Hope) - Hilary Field (instrumental) 1:48
9. Spring! - Lui Collins (spoken word) :52
10. Spring/Sprang - Julie Gold 1:51
11. Loving and Losing - John Forster 3:59
12. Breakfast - Jane Godfrey 5:53
13. Saxton’s River - Hugh Blumenfeld 3:00
14. The Harbour - Declan O’Rourke 4:02
15. When We Were Kings - Cliff Eberhardt 3:05
16. Weight Of The World - Kat Goldman 3:50
17. Drink At 4 - Barry Oreck 5:36
18. Blackberry Winter (Cold Cold Cold) - Louise Mosrie Coombe 4:11
19. Lockdown - Les Barker (spoken word) 2:38
20. Another New York Afternoon - Christine Lavin 4:33

1 hour 10 minutes 5 seconds

LAST SONG FOR YOU: Music for a Summer Night
(Dedicated to Les Barker)

1. Maria Sangiolo  "Compost Heap” 2:57
2. Cheryl Wheeler “Summerfly” 3:59
3. Kyle Hancharick "Lucky Man” 4:05
4. John McCutcheon "Meteors/The Perseid” 3:56
5. Hugh Blumenfeld "Waiting For The Good Humor Man” 2:30
6. Lui Collins "Wildflower Song” 3:01
7. Art Podell "But Then You Smile” 3:58
8. Cosy Sheridan "Here's The Rain” 2:32
9. Mad Agnes Trio “In Maine” 2:43
10. Tina Ross "Summers Like These” 4:03
11. Tom Neilson "Forty Years Of Love Songs” 5:02
12. Maude Maggart "Last Song For You” (written by Hillary Rollins + Kevin Kelso) 4:26
13. Daniel Cainer "Don't Tell Greta” (featuring Greta Thunberg) 5:21
14. Don White "Alcan Highway" (spoken word; from his latest book) 4:14
15. Lili Añel "Down By The Water” 2:46
16. Robin Batteau “How Can You Love Me” 4:20
17. Judy Kass “Carry Me Nowhere” 3:42
18. John Flynn "Long Lost Friend” 3:30
19. Kate McDonnell “Take Me Home” 4:05
20. Declan O'Rourke "We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea” 6:37
21. June Tabor "Sudden Waves” (written by Les Barker) 6:26
22. Kenny White "The Other Shore” 3:32
23. Dar Williams "The End Of The Summer” 4:09

1 hour 32 minutes 31 seconds

WHEN OCTOBER GOES: Autumn Love Songs
(Dedicated to Frank Christian)

1. When Fall Comes To New England – 3:13 Cheryl Wheeler
2. Locked Away – 4:34 Raymond Gonzalez + Amy Malkoff
3. Southbound Train – 4:12 Julie Gold
4. Will You Come Home – 4:45 Susie Burke (written by David Roth)
5. When I Need You Most Of All – 3:04 David Buskin
6. Gail Finnie Rundlett – 3:51 Lie Easy (written by Anne Dodson)
7. Island Of Time – 3:26 Patty Larkin
8. Where Were You Last Night? – 6:06 Frank Christian
9. Out Of My Mind – 2:53 John Gorka
10. Are You Happy Now? – 3:49 Richard Shindell
11. When October Goes – 5:05 Megon McDonough
12. Gettin’ Used To Leavin’ – 3:31 Christine Lavin
13. The Return – 3:46 Sally Fingerett
14. The Long Road – 5:35 Cliff Eberhardt + Richie Havens
15. Lines Of Longitude – 3:31 Chris + Meredith Thompson
16. The Coming Of The Snow – 5:09 Rod MacDonald

1 hour 5 minutes 35 seconds

ON A WINTER'S NIGHT: Winter Love Songs
(Dedicated to Dave Van Ronk)

1. JUDY COLLINS “Secret Gardens” 4:05
2. LYNN MILES “Last Night” 3:22
3. PATTY LARKIN “Winter Wind” 3:16
4. CHERYL WHEELER “The Storm” 3:24
5. SALLY FINGERETT “Wild Berries” 5:33
6. DAVID ROTH “Rising In Love” 2:41
7. ANNIE BAUERLEIN + CHIP MERGOTT “Remember When We Were Just Friends” 2:48
8. DAVE VAN RONK “Another Time And Place” 4:37
9. CLIFF EBERHARDT “Your Face” 3:29
10. BILL MORRISSEY “She’s That Kind Of Mystery” 3:21
11. JOHN GORKA “I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair” 3:41
12. KENNY WHITE (w/Shawn Colvin) “In Our Hands” 3:00
13. BUSKIN & BATTEAU “Lancelot’s Tune (Guinevere)” 6:03
14. MEGON McDONOUGH “A Lesson In Every Goodbye” 3:51
15. CHRISTINE LAVIN “The Kind Of Love You Never Recover From” 4:36
16. DAVID MALLETT “Here We Go” 3:07
17. HUGH BLUMENFELD & LUCY KAPLANSKY “Let Me Fall In Love Before The Spring Comes” 4:01
18. DAVID WILCOX “Frozen In The Snow” 4:03
19. WILLIE NININGER “On A Winter’s Night” 3:08
21. LUCY KAPLANSKY (w/Shawn Colvin) “Old Friends” 3:43

DIMENSIONS: 4-1/2" x 4" x 4"