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The Christine Lavin Songbook


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Released: 2015

I am out of stock -- each cost me $43 to print -- and there is a guy named Nate at Global Copy on NYC's Upper West Side, who prints them on demand. If you'd like the songbook, which is now 200 pages and includes all the songs listed below, contact Nate at or call him at 212 222 2679. He is also a UPS shipping point, so he will mail it to you pronto.


"Air Conditioner"* (see note at bottom)

Amoeba Hop

Another New York Afternoon

Another Woman’s Man

Ballad Of A Ballgame


Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Cold Pizza For Breakfast

Don't Take Anyone*

Doris & Edwin: The Movie

Fly On A Plane

Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind

Ha Ha Ha Ha Tsk Tsk Shhhh!

If I Could Be Sonja Henie

Katy Says Today Is The Best Day Of My Whole Entire Life Moken Spoken Here

More Than 1,000,000 Americans

Regretting What I Said . . .

Sensitive New Age Guys

Shopping Cart Of Love: The Play

Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best

Ten O’Clock In Toronto

That Elusive Shade Of Blue

The Dakota

The Goldfish Whisperer (written with Sutton Foster)

The Kind Of Love You Never Recover From

The Santa Monica Pier

What Was I Thinking?

Whipped Cream

Winter In Manhattan

*I also have "Air Conditioner" in 3 different keys, but it's NOT in the songbook. Write to me at and I will email PDF of all three to you, free of charge. Also "Don't Take Anyone" in G and E. Same deal.

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