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Christine Lavin

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ONE MEAT BALL -- OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! If you own a copy, it is now more valuable. Save it for The Antiques Road Show!

CL & Friends, CD & 96 page cookbooklet

Cover of One Meat Ball CD

Released: 2006

THIS ALBUM WAS SOLD OUT FOREVER BUT MORE UNITS WERE FOUND. IT IS A 96 PAGE COOKBOOKLET, SPIRAL BOUND SO IT LAYS FLAT AS YOU ARE COOKING. But because it cost 25X more to manufacture, it can't be the free part of the "buy 2, get one free" deal. Sorry!

A delightful feast for the ears and eyes:

19 food-related songs performed by Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Julie Gold, Jeff Daniels and other eager eaters from the singer-songwriter, cabaret and Broadway worlds!

27 scrumptious recipes from the musicians, their families and friends in an illustrated 96-page "cookbooklet."

Sorry, Lennon and McCartney – love isn't all you need. Christine Lavin, folk/pop music's reigning "comic observer of contemporary manners" (The New York Times) for more than two decades, and dozens of her friends across the creative spectrum celebrate another one of life's essentials – food – in One Meat Ball, a charming, hilarious and unique CD/"cookbooklet" package that we can't claim is non-fattening. You'll be headed for the kitchen after just a song or two, then will race back to your stereo to enjoy the rest of the CD.

Thoughtfully packaged in a cd-size spiral bound book that lies flat (for easy recipe reading), the shiny slick cover resists kitchen stains, and the glorious Gigastar of the millenium is a special guest voice at the very end of the CD. Do you know who that could be? Think about it! Madonna?? Nooooo. Sarah Palin? Naaaaaah. It's . . . Dame Edna! Yay!!!!!