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City Folk Sunday Breakfast on WFUV, 90.7 FM  FOUR HOURS
the link to the program is no longer active, but I've left up the notes in case you are looking for some great old/new music:

Blue Red & Grey  THE WHO  
from the 1975 album THE WHO BY NUMBERS, Pete Townshend singing lead.  Some say he was suicidal when writing this, but he’s still with us, so he must have gotten over whatever it was that was bugging him.

Mason Williams was the musical director for the Smothers Brothers TV Show and is also the author and performer of the mega-hit guitar/symphony tour de force, “Classical Gas.”  He writes:  Godsend is the last song I wrote in my transition out of Hollywood. I sold my concrete, sliding-glass door, red and green back-lit palm tree, California ranch style house in Bel Air and moved to Julian, California, a small mining town in the mountains east of San Diego, where I started to put a new life together. It was a very mystical period for me. I believed in magic. I believed in numbers. I finally started believing in reality enough to go all the way back down from the culdesac of my Hollywood persona to the mainroad of myself.

Ancestor by TINA LEAR
“Ancestor” is from the cd Full Moon Big Circle (1998)
Third Path Avenues is my publishing name with ASCAP
My father and I had a complicated, messed up relationship.  He died when I was 22, so most of the actual work I've done on this relationship I've done alone . . . I was into my 40s, and it was Thanksgiving Day.  Sat down at my piano during a rare moment of peace in the house.  In an hour, the song was complete.  So blessed, I felt it fall into place in me, as the missing piece of the puzzle.  Hope it can bring some peace to those who hear it . . .  Have been much more into my yoga teaching practice.  Have my 200-hr certification, and am going for the 500-hr this year.  I'm also teaching meditation.  It's deeply rewarding. Writing songs as well, but haven't been walking the musical theatre path for a while. New songs coming up, two of them.  Kind of excited about it.

Farewell & Good Riddance DUELING FIDDLERS
Christine says she met these guys at Jim Caruso’s Cast Party at Birdland one Monday night and became a fan instantly]
Rock-Pop-HipHop violinists Adam DeGraff and Russell Fallstad mash up four of their favorite  popular songs into one wild little ride. See if you can find all four. Need another chance? Here it is on YouTube, in the middle of a river.
Then, hit up the guys on Facebook and tell them what you found.


JUSTIN ROTH  Surrender
written by Justin Roth (ASCAP) and Emilia Dahlin (BMI), publishing: Rothirric Music (ASCAP) & Emilia Marie Dahlin (BMI)
Written while overlooking the banks of the Mississippi in St. Paul, MN.  I was realizing that sometimes in order to get what you need in life/love, you may need to stop fighting for it and instead surrender to it.  Surrendering is not a "giving in" or admission of defeat, but an act of trusting that what will be, will be.  This song was also featured as the soundtrack for a steamy love scene on the soap opera "The Young and The Restless" back in Feb. 2012.  You can watch the scene below:

Just A Stone’s Throw © Jake Jacobs by JAKE & THE REST OF THE JEWELS from the new album A Lick And A Promise  
Jake Jacobs writes: Hello Christine, thanks so much for playing " Stone's Throw.” I will be listening on Sunday. The song was written about 10 years ago but I think it means even more these days.

Some People PETER MULVEY It's written solely by me, published by September Dawn Music (ASCAP).  It's from my record Letters from a Flying Machine, 2009 Signature Sounds.  I wrote it in Indiana, in a car, in my head.  I'd heard someone on the radio say something that riled me, and I muttered "some people..." (watering my inner curmudgeon so he can bloom as my hair thins) and realized that there was a song there.

Thanks, thanks, thanks.  Honored to be in good company.


Poker Face is written by Stefani Germanotta and RedOne and published by Sony/ATV.

This rendition of Poker Face is one third of The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet's Lady Gaga Saga.  We perform it as four bassoon-playing incarnations of Lady Gaga, with wigs, avant-garde dresses, and shades.  Our medley is also choreographed, which is a funny sight because our instruments are very large and do all they can to hinder motion.  We will be releasing our quirky debut album, Breaking In, in March 2013.  You can bet the Lady Gaga Saga will be one of the featured tracks.

SANDY CASH “Gilad’s Guitar”
Gilad’s Guitar is self-published by Stuart Kabak (BMI), and the extra words of mine are under "Bud-Man Music” BMI.  

There is a beautiful feature in the Jerusalem Post about this particular song.  It came out just before Israel’s memorial day last year.  It gives you the whole story of the song (even though it gets some of the lyrics wrong).  If you’d like to share the story with your listeners, that would be great . . . especially since the day Gilad died, Yom Kippur, is coming up soon.  He was born in Israel, but lived in New York with his mom before they moved back.  

Here’s the article online:

Looking forward to listening in on Sunday.

"Pocket Mass, Movement 6 - The Mass Is Ended"
copyright 2012 Raun MacKinnon Burnham and Wobba Wobba Music Company  ASCAP

Raun writes: This is the last movement of an 18-minute mass I wrote and recorded over the past 2 years.  The project finally concluded only a few weeks ago.  I ran a Kickstarter campaign in late 2011 and completed funding on a small project to get some of the money I used to pay for the recording and preparation of the CDs.  My concept was to make a composition for chorus and just a few instruments that could be sung in a church or a large concert hall.  Because I had little money for recording a full chorus, which could involve renting a large space like a church in addition to securing the chorus, I decided to record it by making 8 singers sound like 30.  The engineer on this project did an outstanding job, especially with the editing, which was extensive.  One of the movements ran to nearly 100 tracks.  Everything went way, way over budget and over deadline, but the results have been well worth it and worth all the extra time and money.  Thank you, Christine for including this in your program!  The title of the full CD is "Pocket Mass and Other Faith Based Music" by Raun MacKinnon Burnham and is available on CD Baby in CD and download formats, and I hope to make it available in CD format on Amazon in the near future.

Note:  Both Raun's and BWBQ's projects were successfully funded through


RANSOM WOODSON “OMBRA MAI FU” Brooklyn college senior, this is his radio debut.  Ransom hopes to attend grad school next year to pursue a career in music. I am hoping this broadcast will help to get him noticed.  He’s a wonderful person in every way.  Kathy Tagg, pianist (I'm sure she's nice, too!)


The Pete Fornatale tribute segment
Tommy Bonner DANNY ELLIS
Written by Danny Ellis
Publisher: Wind in the Well Music/BMI and Commercial Arts/PRS
Danny’s wife Liz writes: We're over in Ireland for Danny's book launch. He wrote his memoir and the Random House group published it, but only in Ireland, the UK and Australia.  Still working on a US book deal. Apparently it's too beautifully written and Americans don't like "Literature" according to the publishers in the US. We're hoping to prove them wrong. And we thought the music world was crazy????? Still trying to push the bus up the hill..........
2.PETE FORNATALE reads the Tommy Bonner story and talks about turning point in his life:

Tommy Bonner Story (read by Pete Fornatale):

When Danny was writing the "Tommy Bonner" song, he wasn't sure if he remembered the name correctly, it had been over 50 years, since he had seen him last. He tried to Google him repeatedly, but nothing ever came up. Danny finished the song, and put it up on the internet. About a year later, he gets an email saying, "My name is Kevin Bonner, and I  think you're singing about my Dad.”

He had typed in his Dad's name, and Artane Industrial School [the orphanage where Danny and Tommy both grew up], and within minutes he was listening to the song. He went on to tell Danny that he was estranged from his father. His father was a hard man, and had never talked about  his experience at Artane. Danny sent Tommy the CD, and a few weeks later, he answers the phone, and hears someone say, "This is Tommy Bonner, I was gobsmacked when I heard that song.” Danny was performing in London that summer, and after hearing that  Tommy lived an hour away, invited him and his wife to the show. He made arrangements for them to come back stage and meet after the show. Before the show Danny and his wife went to grab a bite to eat and walked into a pub around the corner from the theatre.  Danny walked into the pub and without any hesitation walked over to an older gentleman sitting at a table with his wife, and two pints of Guiness in front of him.  Danny asked if he was Tommy Bonner, and he said indeed he was.  He could not believe Danny recognized him.

The whole family has reunited around Tommy, and it has brought them together in a way they never imagined. Danny was so grateful that he had the opportunity to let Tommy know what an impact he had on his life, and how much his singing inspired him to follow his own path to music.

Play ending of the xm interview with Bill Kates and Christine Lavin that includes “Old Friends” by Simon & Garfunkel

Gramma’s Song by LOU ALANO
None of my songs, including Gramma's Song, has ever been published.  I've only even played it in public one time.

If you want to include some "liner notes,” you can mention that nearly all the lyrics were words said to me by my mother as we visited the graves of our family members, the first and only time we'd been to the cemetery since we buried my Dad there.  The chorus ("as I am...) was recited by my Mom in Italian at each grave, after we'd laid a wreath for the winter.

I hadn't sat at the piano for a long time before that song--a good year, I think.  But I'd sustained a neck injury which left my left hand partially paralyzed.  It was terrible, because all I'd ever dreamed of during my Post Office years was the day I retired and could really get into guitar, and now I couldn't even hold down a chord.  So I'd gone to the piano more as physical therapy, and while the tune was evolving, we made that trip to the cemetery.  I only got partial (maybe 50%) of the strength back in my hand, so I attempt to fingerpick on archtops with electric strings.  I never went back to work, taking an early retirement that was offered while I using my accumulated sick leave.  If I hadn't gotten hurt (and it was really painful), I wouldn't have been at the piano, nor at the cemetery.  For me, that song was worth it.

from her latest album, Breathe, this song written by Daniel Nahmods song Nahmod Music ASCAP 2006.  
Meg writes:PS, I love this song, Chris, I think it's a great list of questions to check in on.


The Rodz Sisters – I didn’t know that Rebo Flordigan, aka Rebecca Hanson, of The Rodz Sisters died in 1997.  This is their only album.  

BYU VOCAL POINT “Scottish Spring” written by Todd Seymore from the album Wasting Our Parents’ Money:  The Best of College A Cappella Humor


Info is: "Anne" by the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, written by Chandler Travis, published by Farfy Music / BMI
"Anne" was originally commissioned by my wonderful across the street neighbor, Anne McKenna, for her 60th birthday (she's since had a 65th), and originally included lyrics about the rest of her family and grandchildren -she's since had a 65th birthday, and it's true she once was a lounge piano player, at the same time as she was a high school principle in Greenfield, MA.

Also finally got a Chandler Travis Three-O album out, just a few weeks ago -our first! It's called "This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater", and you can stream it here or download it at:

The band writes: "Anne" is about a woman who's an over-achiever, especially excelling in areas that the Bonsais consistently fail at. This song is also part of a trilogy that focuses on pets, how they weave in and out of our lives and what that means to us. Hint: It's not always what you think. The song and the trilogy are on Uncle Bonsai's most recent release, The Grim Parade.


David Ippolito interview 38 minutes
Includes live “Crazy On The Same Day,” “Keep Hope Alive” (on recording),  “I Believe” and “This Moment” live.  All songs © David Ippolito, though “This Moment” written by John Wallowitch, additional lyrics by David.


GALIA ARAD  “Will I Be Loved”
I am a SESAC writer and my publishing is songs from the dog pound music (my own pub) I'm the songwriter.
Some notes on this song: my dad is playing the viola on this tune.  It's a song about an irish boy that i fell in love with - and it's about not knowing what is going on - so many questions but ultimately too scared to really know the truth when push comes to shove. Is that explanation ok?

I'm here at a blues bar right now in Nashville on tour and about to move to Dublin in a month.

BUSKIN & BATTEAU “Sappho’s Boatman” © Robin Batteau, single wing music, from the new album Love Remembered Love Forgot
FOUR BITCHIN’ BABES “The History Of Cheese”
From "Mid Life Vices . . . A Guilt Free Musical Revue"  The Four Bitchin' Babes, nine recording in 22 years.
"The History Of Cheese"  © 2007 Deirdre Flint Music, ASCAP


Published by Lumperboy Publishing
This was recorded in 2006 at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater in Somerville, Massachusetts. We filmed and recorded two shows for a Concert DVD that came out in 2008 Called Don White Family Man.

My wife still hates baseball. And with the year the Red Sox are having, I think I hate it too.

Randall Kromm WATER WHEEL  
© Randall Kromm.  
Randall writes: "Water Wheel” was written about coming to accept who you are and how you live, and about respect, in this fame-obsessed society, for those who quietly do what needs to be done for their families and communities every day.

The music of Randall Kromm is now available at  You can also connect with Randall and follow his music via his facebook page,          

CHRIS talks about Arthur Wood, a Scotsman she met at the Kerrville Folk Festival who travels the world in search of good music.  Christine asked him to choose his five favorite songs right now, and here they are (along with his notes):

Five Songs from Arthur Wood (email him at:

Call Me from MONARCH (2012) - Nicolette Good (no registered publishing company) – This song I first heard in mid-May ’12 during the Singer/Songwriter contest winner’s show at the 2012 Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival in Richardson, Texas. A week later it was one of her entries in the New Folk Songwriting Contest at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Needless to say Good was one of their six annual winners. Born in Houston, she currently resides in San Antonio. MONARCH, her first full album, was released in July ’12.

The Coming Attraction from THE COMING ATTRACTION (2003) - Steve Fisher (Penniless Publishing ASCAP) – I’ve known Steve for over two decades and the opportunity to visit with him is always a Kerrville Folk Festival highlight. A 1990 New Folk winner, Steve chose not to become a touring musician – that said, he continued writing songs, recording them and playing the odd gig. To my mind he’s one of Texas’ finest songwriters EVER. Plaintive of voice, his songs are cerebral treasures.

Little Blue Bird from TWO BIRDS (2012) – Grace Pettis (Soon Bloomed Songs ASCAP) – Grace is playing a show at The Living Room in NYC on 5th October 2012. She’s Pierce Pettis’ second child and a demon songwriter. TWO BIRDS was released in early September ‘12. In my review for Maverick Magazine here in the UK I gave the album 5 stars (the max.) and the by-line “If you purchase only one album this year, TWO BIRDS is absolutely it!”

A Hundred Years More from CHOCOLATE PAPER SUITES (2010) – Krista Detor (Krista Detor Music ASCAP) – I was introduced to Krista’s music by the wonderful Carrie Newcomer circa 2005. Wouldn’t another 100 years of listening to and sharing ‘this music’ be an unbelievable  delight.

Wild Mountainside from SINGS THE SONGS OF ROBERT BURNS (2003) – Eddi Reader (Chrysalis Music Group) – Born in Scotland, it seemed appropriate to end with a song from a countryman. The song was NOT written by Burns but by John Douglas of the band, Trash Can Sinatras, and is sung here by Eddi Reader, whom he recently married. As well as a writer, Reader is a song interpreter without equal. A complete set of Eddi’s recordings is a life essential.


TOM WOPAT  “Last Night Of The Year” © Phillip Edward Galston and Michael Whalen, Kazoom Music, Inc. Kobalt Songs Music Publishing/Michael Peterson Publishing, from the album Consider It Swung.  Lee Lesack, who owns the record label that Tom records for writes: I love this track on Tom's CD Consider It Swung.  His delivery is so raw and honest - Tom makes you feel as if he is singing only to you (the listener).   It's soulful, aching . . . and yet hopeful.  A simple yet beautiful delivery.  Christine says ‘check out  Lots of great stuff!
KOLE, CARUSO & STRITCH “Avalon” from Jim Caruso’s album The Swing Set © Al Jolson, B.G. DeSylva, and Vincent Rose; special lyrics by Sharon Douglas. Jim Caruso hosts the wildly successful Monday night "Jim Caruso's Cast Party" at Birdland from 10 PM - 1 AM.  In his own right he's a wonderful singer and entertainer, as this track demonstrates.


Sammy Cahn Award set  Sammy wrote “Three Coins In The Fountain,” “Let It Snow Let It Snow,” “Come Fly With Me” “Until The Real Thing Comes Along”
Icebox © Gabriel Kahane from the album Where Are The Arms
Gabriel Kahane  is rehearsing for his Carnegie Hall debut --- Oct 25...
Yes --- it's sort of my recital debut, and I'm backed up by Brooklyn Rider (string quartet) and Shara Worden (of My Brightest Diamond).

Starting with a piece of mine for quartet and voice called Come On All You Ghosts on poems by Matthew Zapruder.
Then doing a kind of postmodern piano karaoke where I'm singing songs (at the piano) by everyone from Schumann to Cee-Lo Green to Charles Ives . . .

then intermission, after which:

Carnegie has commissioned me to write a new piece titled The Fiction Issue
for two voices and quartet/piano/guitar... (that's with Brooklyn Rider and Shara)

And finally we'll do songs from Where are the Arms. . .
Lost In The Waves   Anderson Davis, singer, Chris Dimond and Michael Kooman, songwriters, ASCAP, with Kooman & Dimond Music, publishers. The song is from the song cycle Homemade Fusion, with music by Michael Kooman and lyrics by Chris Dimond.  It is also on their album, Out of Our Heads, which is available on iTunes.

The Closest I Get    Katie Herzig
written by Katie Herzig (ASCAP) and Cason Cooley (ASCAP).
published by katie herzig music and look i have publishing.  Katie’s music has appeared on the TV show Drop Dead Diva, album The Waking Sleep, and she won the Sammy Cahn Prize with this song.


JEFF DANIELS  “Are You As Excited About Me As I Am”
When he received his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Ted Turner asked me to introduce him.  Also attending the ceremony were two former Hollywood stars, Esther Williams and Margaret O’Brien.  In thanking Ted for creating the Turner Classic Movie Channel, one of them said, “Thanks to you, we get to relive when it was our time.”  Their sincere appreciation of what they used to have made me think of our present day stars, especially some of the younger ones, who think what’s happening to them will last forever.

Recorded live at The Wharton Center, East Lansing, MI May 7, 2005

DAVE TULL “The Airplane Song”
My publishing for The Airplane Song is simply David Tull Music (BMI).

This song appears on Dave Tull's celebrated CD, "I Just Want To Get Paid". Dave has been the drummer and vocalist for the Chuck Mangione band since 2000. This song was conceived while on a flight to a Mangione gig. Ironically, Dave had received a rare first class upgrade and was sipping coffee in a real cup when the first lyrics were penned! Other songs by Dave include the musician's anthem, "I Just Want To Get Paid"and his message to non-singers who try to take the stand, "The Minutes Pass Like Hours When You Sing".  (Chris adds:  I have sung it for people while standing in line at airports after our flights have been canceled.  THEY love it.)

RICHIE HAVENS  “It Was A Very Good Year” by Ervin Drake, Lindabet Music ASCAP from the album Portfolio

Christine writes:  Ervin Drake wrote this song for the Kingston Trio; it was their recording Frank Sinatra heard while driving from LA to Rancho Mirage, pulled off the road and called the radio station.  The rest is history.  Ervin's new verse:

When I was 89
it was a very good year
it was a very good year for living the life
of one constant fling
Sinatra's ring-a-ding-ding
Jack Daniels instead of red wine
when I was 89

Shout out to Ervin and Edith who will be listening!


ROD MacDONALD  “Just Because” © Rod MacDonald, blue flute music (ASCAP) from the album songs of freedom.
(Christine writes:  I originally planned this song to be in a set opened by Julie Gold's song "Greed" and ending with Rod's --- but we ran out of time (soooo sorry, Julie!) and I thought it best to end on Rod's hopeful note.  But check out Julie's song "Greed" on her latest album Love Is Love Is Love.)


“Let’s Have Another Cup Of Coffee” © Irving Berlin Music by VAL ROSING, recorded with the Henry Hall BBC Dance Orchestra in 1932 on the album Try A Little Tenderness  FYI: Val Rosing was signed by MGM who intended to make him “The British Bing Crosby,” so they brought him to the US and changed his named to Gilbert Russell.

He didn’t become the big movie star they had hoped, but he had a solid career singing onstage in America in musicals and operettas, and coaching other singers (like Shirley Jones).  Though he gave up a lucrative starring career in England, in America he produced a daughter, Claudia Russell, who inherited his gorgeous vibrato.  She lives with her husband Bruce Kaplan near San Francisco, and makes her living singing mostly on the west coast.  Claudia and Bruce produced this loving tribute album of Val Rosing’s music in 2010, 40 years after he died.

THERE AND BACK AGAIN (instrumental)- written by Justin Roth (ASCAP), publishing - Rothirric Music Music (ASCAP)
Inspired by one of my favorite books, The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien.  The title, "There and Back Again," is the subtitle of the book and this is my nerdy homage to my love of the story. :-)