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Complete notes for Christine Lavin sitting in for John Platt on "City Folk Sunday Breakfast" Sunday, August 17, 2014

Complete notes for Christine Lavin sitting in for John Platt on City Folk Sunday Breakfast Sunday, August 17, 2014

Christine Lavin sitting in for John Platt with special guest, Grammy-winning songwriter Julie Gold


Starting on Monday August 18th for two weeks it will be available at the archives (BUT ONLY FOR TWO WEEKS) under “The Sunday Breakfast August 17, 2014” here: Click to hear Christine Lavin sit in for John Platt on WFUV

*unreleased recordings

In The Morning (The Pancake Song) Sung by Shelby & Tieg, © Shelby Allison Lindley and Tieg Dylan Johnson, Color Capsule Publishing/Wizard Crystals Publishing, ASCAP and BMI
Shelby & Tieg
We’ve got to get this LA duo to come East!

Back When We Were All Machines – © Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen, BMI, Sleepy Creek Music
Cindy Kallett & Grey Larsen

     One morning Cindy and Grey were awakened by their radio as NPR was playing very odd space-type music.  Grey mumbled in his sleep, “Makes me feel my robot roots, back when we were all machines.”  
    Cindy said, “What?” and he repeated, “Makes me feel my robot roots back when we were all machines.”
    Cindy, smart songwriter that she is, wrote it down, then hit the snooze button.
    When they woke up for real Cindy read Grey what he had said, and he had no memory of ever saying it, had no idea what she was talking about.  They discussed it and came up with the idea of turning it into a song.  So the idea sprang from public radio and now the song is being heard on public radio.  And now there's a video, too:  BACK WHEN WE WERE ALL MACHINES

End Of The World* – Matt Alber & Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C. from a live concert entitled, "My Big Fat Gay Wedding." written by MCNULTY-CONNOLLY, PETER / MYBE, MARCUS / ST. LOUIS, LOUIE / WILLIAMS, KURTIS DESHAUN / ANGELO, MICHAEL © Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing
Matt Alber & Gay Mens Chorus of Washington, D.C.
Matt Alber official video for End Of The World
One of the best new songs of the 21st Century.

Old Fashioned Hat* – written by Anais Mitchell,
Published by Treleven Music, Administered in North America by It's Only About Music LLC -- sung by Marissa Mulder with Nate Buccieri on piano and vocal, recorded live at The Metropolitan Room, a show conceived and directed by Tom Toce called “Living Standards.”  The New York Times says: Stephen Holden review

Marissa Mulder
Anais Mitchell

I Built A Boat – © Laura Smith, SOCAN
Laura Smith
Her recording of “My Bonny” has become a standard north of the border.   She is a Canadian national treasure:
My Bonny

Lydia – © Bob Stillman, Tylerama Music (ASCAP)  
What Do I want From You © Bob Stillman Tylerama Music (ASCAP)  
Bob is a working Broadway actor, most recently seen in the critically acclaimed Act One at Lincoln Center.  Catch him if you can.

I Go With You – © Nikki Gregoroff, Lucky Puck Music/ASCAP

“I Go With You” was inspired by a painting by Chris Pelletiere, so it was a perfect match -- a video for this song featuring paintings by Chris Pelletiere.  His wife, Marcia Pelletiere, one of the members of the 8-voice award winning a cappella group “The Accidentals,” created this video.  Make sure you read Nikki’s notes on the video page.  She’s just starting out, and she’s got the goods.

I Go With You video

How To Get The Kids To Move Out* – 10:19 © Don White, Lumperboy Music, SESAC  What more can I say about Don White?  If you have kids, you MUST listen to this and take this advice to heart.  Audiences LOVE this guy.  Deservedly so.
Don White

Roscoe* – Julie Gold, Words and Music By Julie Gold
BMI  2013 Julie Gold Music Publishing
Administered World Wide by Modern Works Publishing.
Roscoe is legendary in NYC.  Let’s pray he never comes to YOUR apartment.  Julie will be the live guest in the third hour of this program.  Don’t miss this interview.  She will be giving us a sneak peak at her book, a work-in-progress.    

Here’s Roscoe’s website: Hope You Don't Ever Need To Click Here

And yes, that is the voice of Emily Bindiger of The Accidentals you hear singing all those amazing harmony parts on this song.  AND Emily produced this track.  How talented can one person be???? The Accidentals


This Too Shall Pass – ©  Eric Hansen, The Hansen Oil Well, ASCAP.  Here’s the video I talk about: This Too Shall Pass video
Eric is the recipient of a double-lung transplant, is doing fine.  

Knitting* by © Robyn Landis, BMI Robyn Landis
If you are a knitter, send Robyn or me HI RES photos of you showing off your work.  We are making a video for this song, which will be on an album that will be out in the fall.  

Providence – © Sabra Faulk, Big Beautiful Babe Publishing ASCAP
This song has become very well known in the Tucson area.  I hope groups like the Clearwater Walkabout Sloop Singers learn it and sing it!  
Sabra Faulk
Here’s a video of Sabra telling a really sweet Linda Ronstadt story: Sabra live

Providence by “I Hear Voices!” © Sabra Faulk, Big Beautiful Babe Publishing
I Hear Voices!
I Hear Voices! is a Tucson, AZ vocal quartet featuring Bobby Kimmel, Kathy Harris, Bobby Ronstadt, and Suzy Horton Ronstadt.  Bobby Kimmel was in the group “The Stone Poneys,” that launched Linda Ronstadt’s career with the ground-breaking single “Different Drum.”  

STORY:  Memories of The Contessas and Jimmy Webb  
By Suzy Horton Ronstadt
(Christine reads aloud)

I Keep On Keepin’ On © Jimmy Webb, EMI Music Publishing, ASCAP – The Contessas on  the TV show “Shivaree”
NOTE:  Terri Garr was one of the Shivaree Dancers.  Here’s a video of The Contessas singing the A-side of that single, “This Is Where I Came In,” written by Jimmy Webb.  Can anyone tell which dancer is Terri?
Contessas On Shivaree

I went through more than 400 different versions of the song “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” to make this unique mashup.  All three here – The Western Continentals, Jim Hudak, and Susie Arioli – I was not familiar with, but have tracked them down online.  All three are worth exploring; their information is below.

By The Time I Get To Phoenix  © Jimmy Webb, EMI Music Publishing, ASCAP, sung by The Western Continentals, Jim Hudak, and the Susie Arioli Band.

I tracked down and spoke by phone to Curt Kimball, the original tenor of the “Western Continentals.”  He is a retired surgeon, lives in Colorado, and one of his hobbies is restoring vintage radios, so it’s appropriate that WFUV is airing the “vintage sound” of this barbershop quartet.

Later this year the Western Continentals are having a 50th anniversary reunion – a number of different singers were in the group over the years.  When I told Curt they’d be getting airplay in NYC on Sunday, he was tickled pink – even though he is not the tenor on this particular recording.  He was the original tenor, got drafted by the Army, went to Vietnam, and was replaced by tenor Al Mau.  The others on this recording with Al are Ted Bradshaw, Paul Graham, and Phil Foote.  

The Western Continentals won the 1968 International Barbershop Championships.  I had no idea about any of this – all I knew was that I love how they sound.  Here’s another recording by them: Western Continentals video

Jim Hudak, pianist, is new to me, too. You can learn more about him at  Jim Hudak.  He has a beautiful posting about Jesse Winchester on his site – I know you’ll like it.  Hope to cross paths with him one of these days.

Susie Arioli is a jazz singer based in Montreal Susie Arioli.  This was probably the 200th version of “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” that I listened to – and it jumped out at me.  Here’s a video that gives you a lot of information about Susie, who sings both in English and in French: Susie Arioli video

Classic Heart –  © Evan Olson, Evan Olsongs, BMI
Yes!  This is the world debut of this song and it IS at iTunes.  Be the first on your block to own a copy of this song.  Let’s make it go viral:  

Make Evan & Jessica's Day! Buy their song for 99 cents!

Evan Olson

Here’s a whole other side of Evan: Evan Olson Cuts Loose

I met Evan and Jessica Mashburn at Jim Caruso’s Cast Party at Birdland one Monday night not long ago.  She is the girl with the classic heart, and plays piano on this recording.  God bless Jim Caruso for creating a place where singers, songwriters, and the people who love them get to meet and mingle every week. Jim Caruso's Cast Party  And always a big thank you to Gianni Valenti, owner of Birdland (315 West 44th Street, between 8th-9th Avenue; great food, too).

Happy 95th birthday to my Mom, Jody Crawford Lavin My Mom's advice for how YOU can live to be 95!
Homegrown Tomatoes  © Guy Clark, EMI Music Publishing, sung here by Muzzie Braun

It Was A Very Good Year – © Ervin Drake, Lindabet Music, ASCAP, sung by Frank Sinatra, arrangement by Gordon Jenkins
Flight* © Craig Carnelia, ASCAP sung by Maxine Linehan, live at Birdland, part of her show “American Journey,” with strings arranged by Andrew Koss, musical director is Ian Herman, produced by Scott Siegel.  

Shout out to Ervin & Edith Drake in Great Neck!

Maxine Linehan
Craig Carnelia
Scott Siegel

Colores y Matices* © Marcela Navarro  

My sister-in-law Gina Garcia translated her song for you:

Colores et Matices
Marcela Navarro

Getting lost in your eyes it's like watching a sunset
wanting to find the mystery of such beauty
Love you so and trying to guess
what you want to tell me without words
and leisurely read the poem that's in your eyes

Sleep with you and wake up to your voice
the first sound I can hear
and caress without touching you
with just a whisper
I love you with all of your colors,
contrasts and shades
with the eternal mystery of your being

I love you, you have my love
a heart with you and another heart inside me
again I feel and imagine that
in an embrace our bodies merge
you are that half my soul is missing

Sleep with you and wake up to your voice
the first sound I can hear
and caress without touching you,
with just a whisper
I love you with all of your colors,
contrasts and shades
with the eternal mystery of your being

I love you in all of your moments
even if the wind changed direction
my love would not change
I love you, you have my love,
with you a heart
and another heart in me beating for you

I first met Marcela singing on the downtown platform of the #1 train at 103rd Street and Broadway.  She is from Peru.  Look for her next time you ride the subway in NYC.  That moment I saw her – I just caught her singing ONE note – held it out for a long time, ending a song, and everyone on the platform applauded.  I never saw that happen before.  I quickly bought her homemade CD and hopped on the train.  

A couple weeks later I bumped into Marcela again, and again she was finishing up for the day – she was packing up her gear, and gathering the money that had been thrown into her case that afternoon.  

Then this other young musician named Ilana Herst showed up and asked if she could take over Marcela’s spot (Marcela doesn’t speak English, so we all made sign language and Marcela nodded that she was done for the day).

I asked Ilana to sing me a quick song (to see if I could include her in the broadcast), so she whipped out her guitar and started singing.  Marcela was still packing up, stopped to listen, and then walked over and put a dollar in Ilana’s open case.  Sweet!

Gina translated this, too:

La encontre cantando en la plataforma del centro del tren #1 calle 103 y Broadway. Ella es de Peru.  Buscala la siguiente vez que tomes el tren de NYC.  En el momento que la vi, canto una nota -- la cual mantuvo por largo tiempo -- terminando la cancion, y todos en la plataforma le aplaudieron.  Yo nunca habia visto esta gran reaccion.

Un par de semanas despues me tope con Marcela una vez mas, y una vez mas estaba terminando el dia, empacando sus cosas, y reuniendo el dinero que se habia ganado y acumulado en la caja de su guitarra esa tarde.

Despues esta otra joven artista Ilana Herst llego y le pregunto si podia tomar el lugar de Marcela (pero Marcela no habla ingles, todos tratamos de comunicarnos a senias y Marcela entendio dandole a entender de la misma forma que ya habia terminado por el dia y le dio su espacio).

Yo le pedi a Ilana que me cantara una breve version de una cancion (queria ver si podia incluirla en en este programa) , ella saco su guitarra de inmediato y empezo a cantar. Marcela estaba todabia empacando sus cosas, paro para escucharla, Marcela reacciono caminando a  la caja abierta de Ilana para depositar un dolar. Dulce!

Marcela Navarro on facebook

Within The Woods* ©  Ilana Herst, ASCAP
Here’s more of her music: Ilana Herst music

Ilana is new to New York – from Chicago.  She writes: “I play my music around the Upper West Side, usually with a recognizable blue bucket placed in front of me to collect the change. Sometimes another musician plays with me, her name is Sharona Balk and her videos can be found on youtube. I'm still learning my way around the music scene of this city, so no gigs yet, but soon I hope!”

You never know what you’ll see when you ride a NYC subway.  I wish both Marcela and Ilana the best of luck!

Hallelujah* © Leonard Cohen, Sony/ATV Publishing
sung by the teen quartet Still Saffire in a show at The Turning Point in Piermont, NY in 2012.  The two oldest members of the group are now in college, so they are on hiatus, but Annika, now 16, is working solo:

Eyes On The Train  © Annika, Lilypad Publishing, ASCAP

Annika has also found her to way to Jim Caruso’s Cast Party at Birdland on Monday nights – they love her!   In June she won the Audience Choice Award at WNYC’s Battle of the Boroughs.  
Still Saffire

Julie Gold live interview will include readings from her book-in-progress:

(I Am Gathering Stories)

Julie Gold

Julie Gold reads the story “Carnegie Hall”
Followed by Nanci Griffith singing  “From A Distance”
Words and Music by Julie Gold  BMI
Julie Gold Music
Wing and Wheel Music
Administered World Wide by Modern Works Music Publishing.
Nanci Griffith

Julie Gold reads the story “Aura”
“Abraham Martin & John” © Dick Holler, Famous Music ASCAP, performed by Dion DiMucci  
Dick Holler

Various artists have performed or recorded their renditions of the song, including the likes of Bon Jovi and Emmylou Harris, who performed it as part of a medley with the Nanci Griffith song "It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go" on her 1992 At the Ryman concert recording.

‘Snoopy vs. The Red Baron’ was also written by Dick Holler, and was the surprise multi-million selling smash hit of 1966. Only the Beatles 'Nowhere Man' and 'Paperback Writer' entered the Billboard charts at a higher position. Recorded by The Royal Guardsmen, it spent four weeks at number 2 on the Hot 100 singles charts.

Julie Gold reads the story “David Sanborn”
“Across The Universe” by The Beatles
© Sony ATV Tunes LLC
Beatle Love* by Megon McDonough, © Eagle Woman Music, ASCAP, from the show-in-development:  HOW RINGO SAVED ME FROM A LIFE IN THE CONVENT  by Megon McDonough

David Sanborn
Jonatha Brooke
Megon McDonough

Julie Gold reads the story  “Skid Marks”

“Good Night New York”  © Julie Gold
performed by Nanci Griffith and Emmylou Harris
Words and music by Julie Gold BMI  
Julie Gold Music
Universal Music
Administered World Wide by Modern Works Music Publishing
  • unreleased recordings


As my friend Joan Crowe says -- Seize the day . . . but go out at night.  Almost all of the performers on today's show can be found doing live concerts all across the US and Canada.  Go to their shows!  We can't do this without you.    

Have a great Sunday –

xoxoxoxo --