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"I'm Not Going Home For Christmas"  The Accidentals

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Silvery sound of sleighbells everywhere
Catching the scent of woodsmoke in the air
On the pond gleaming icy white
You can skate by the moon at night
With the feathery feel of snowflakes in your hair

Sailing the pond just like a frozen sea
Open your arms and set your spirit free
Christmas is here at last, but soon it'll all be past
Hold on to your childhood Christmas memory . . .

No, I'm not going home for Christmas
I'll be staying in town this year
I'd like to host a chestnut roast
But my little studio
has no place for mistletoe

Still, I'm not going home for Christmas
I have friends who will need me here
I'll take the group some chicken soup
Since it's hard to celebrate
When you're feeling not-so-great

So I'm not going home
I won't wander or roam
No, I'm not going home for Christmas

Can you picture the house aglow
On that faraway Christmas night?
Under blankets of fallen snow
Everybody smiled in the candlelight

At the table you'd gather 'round
For a wonderful Christmas meal
You would always be safe and sound
Winter winds were mild
Santa Claus was real
You could stay a child . . .

Though I'm not going home for Christmas
I'll have plenty of company
From Christmas past
an album vast
Like a living history
of the family Christmas tree

But the tree doesn't last forever
And the flickering candles die
And you promise to stay together
But then so many years go by

And the road leads you ever further
From the life you were leading then
And you know in your heart
You can't go back again

So when I'm going home for Christmas
I don't need to go far away
My halls are decked
and I expect
To be home for the holiday

For home, I see
Is here in me
And this Christmas
I'll be home
To stay

I'm going home . . . for Christmas!


THE ACCIDENTALS:  Margaret Dorn, Emily Bindiger, Rosie Valese, Marcia Pelletiere, Catherine Russell, Dennis Deal, Bill Mitchell, Jim Vincent
lyrics by Bill Mitchell, music by Jim Vincent © Hovawart et cie/BMI/Zh'me Music/BMI