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ERIK BALKEY  #12 "Peace Come Christmas Day"

ERIK BALKEY nbsp12 Peace Come Christmas Day

Erik Balkey  "Peace Come Christmas Day"

Erik Balkey writes songs and paints houses.  He lives in the shadow of Philadelphia in South Jersey, and it's a good thing because that's where his house is.  Erik writes a few dozen songs a year, and has been recognized for his craft in over a dozen national songwriting contests including winner of the Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Contest in Texas.

"Peace Come Christmas Day"

I was 12 years old. It was the day after Christmas.  The Sunday newspapers were big and the snow was too deep for a bike.  But the papers had to be delivered.  News isn't news for long.  So, I rolled the papers and put them in the plastic bags, and loaded up the sled with a trash bag full of papers and my eight year old kid sister.  The neighborhood in the woods, silent and covered in white powder, woke slowly that Sunday morning to find the news at the door by the time my sister and I were home toasting our hands by the fire.  I remember trudging out the door at the beginning with a daunting task ahead, and the gradual sense of fun, adventure and accomplishment shared with my sister as the sled got lighter and lighter with each paper delivered while the sun came up that Sunday morning.  That's a memory I will hold forever.