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Uncle Bonsai  Track #16   "Doug's Greatest Christmas Ever"

Uncle Bonsai performs original, contemporary folk/pop music. With their soaring and intricate 3-part vocal harmonies and biting humor, accompanied by only an acoustic guitar, the trio delivers poignantly unflinching portrayals of life, love, and a guy named Doug.

The trio's influences range from the Beatles to Stephen Sondheim. Some say Zappa cross-bred with Peter, Paul and Mary. Loudon Wainright III, the Roches. Three tightly tiered and adhered voices, acoustic guitar. That’s it. Nearly naked folk-pop for everyone.

Bonsai has released nine recordings, headlined at clubs, concert halls, and festivals through North America and appeared with superluminaries, including Bonnie Raitt, Suzanne Vega, They Might Be Giants, The Bobs, et al.

Bonsai material these days focuses on the passing of time, the passing of genes, and the passing of pets -- the truth of everything seemingly buried somewhere under the family tree.

Uncle Bonsai