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Jeff Daniels  Track #1  "Won't You Please Stay For Christmas, Santa Claus?"

Jeff Daniels has appeared in over fifty films. Among other accolades, he has received an Obie Award, a Tony Nomination for Best Actor, three Golden Globe Nominations, and in 2005 the AARP Award for Best Actor Over Fifty. As a playwright, he has written 14 plays, all of which have premiered at his Purple Rose Theatre Company in Chelsea, Michigan. A lifelong musician, in 2000 Daniels began performing publicly as a way to raise money for this theatre company. He now plays across the country and has recorded four CDs; LIVE AND UNPLUGGED, GRANDFATHER’S HAT, TOGETHER AGAIN with Jonathan Hogan, and LIVE AT THE PURPLE ROSE. Proceeds from his recordings go to the Purple Rose Theatre Company.

Jeff Daniels