Sitting in for John Platt, guest-hosting "Sunday Supper" on WFUV, August 5, 2018, notes on every song -- listen to the show right now in the archives til 8 PM Aug 19, 2018

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Sitting in for John Platt guest-hosting quotSunday Supperquot on WFUV August 5 2018 notes on every song -- listen to the show right now in the archives til 8 PM Aug 19 2018
Sunday Supper Playlist WFUV, 90.7 FM,

August 5, 2018 

5 - 8 PM Eastern Time

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John Platt is under the weather — sending him all good juju from all the artists on this broadcast — get well soon, John.  It’s an honor to sub for you, keeping the "Sunday Supper" franchise going, awaiting your return.  

Also thank you to: 

Jeremy Rainer at the controls.

Mastering engineer Phil Klum for mastering and re-mastering some of the tracks you will hear, making them radio-ready for this broadcast.

Falcon Ridge Lounge Stage engineer Scott Jones for recording Greg Klyma last year at Falcon Ridge's Lounge Stage.

Recording engineer Rich Lamb for mixing Nicole Zuraitis’ track for this broadcast. 

Radio consultants Eileen and Allan Pepper.

And to all the singer/songwriters on this broadcast for writing such good music, and of course to all the listeners like you who contribute to this fine radio station.  If you’re not a member of WFUV, now’s a good time to join, and a sweet way to send your good cheer and show your support for John Platt. 

This show will be in the “Sunday Supper” archives starting at 8 PM on Sunday August 5, but only for two weeks —  then, poof, it’s gone.  So listen while you can — it’s 43 of some of the best songs being written and performed in 2018 by some of the best musicians working today.  

  1. Julie Gold “The Genius Bar”  3:54 unreleased — recorded and mastered by Phil Klum, who also plays guitar near the end. Julie Gold is hard at work on her “Magic Knight” project (now in its 4th year), involving the Knight upright piano where she composed her Grammy-winning song, “From A Distance.” She is also writing a book: “God, Cats, And A Vandalized Car: I Am Gathering Stories.”

2.Kyle Hancharick “Lucky Man” 4:03 from the album BEFORE AND AFTER

Aug 10, Cove Castle, Greenwood Lake, NY

Aug 11, Pine Island Brewing Company, Pine Island, NY

Aug 18, Torne Valley Vineyards, Hillburn, NY

Sept 15, Torne Valley Vineyards, Hillburn, NY 

3.Emily Mure “Worth” 3:54 from the album WORTH

August 22nd at Rockwood Music Hall (stage 3), 8:30pm. Co-bill with Caroline Cotter

4.Aaron Nathans & Michael J. Ronstadt “Hang On For The Ride” 3:59 from the album HANG ON FOR THE RIDE 

Aug 19 Philadelphia Folk Festival

Oct 14 Maleiani Cafe, Philadelphia, PA

Nov 16 Wilmington, DE Hotel DuPont

Nov 17 Awkward Pause House Concert, Baltimore, MD

5.  Barry Oreck “Drink At Four”  5:40 from the album 


August 11, Indian Lake, NY Farmer's Market 10am-1pm

You may also find Barry and his guitar at the Branded Saloon in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

6.  Susan Cattaneo “When Love Goes Right” 4:23 from the album HAMMER AND HEART

Susan says, "The duet is with Bill Kirchen (who is also my cowriter on the song). He is known as the Titan of the Telecaster and was part of Commander Cody and the Lost Airmen.

And she adds, “I’ve got a full band show at The Burren in Somerville MA on August 30 with Dinty Child of Session Americana as my special guest.” 

7.  Berkley Hart “My Name Is Sam” 5:05 from the album CROW  the duo of Calman Hart and Jeff Berkley

Aug 9, Folkey Monkey, San Diego, CA

Aug 18, Frogstop House Concert, Carlsbad, CA

Oct 6, O’Connell House Concert, San Diego, CA

8.  Jesse Terry “Carry” featuring Kim Richey  3:41 from the album NATURAL

Aug 24, w/Cape Symphony, Eastham, MA

September 8 CT Folk Festival and Green Expo, New Haven, CT

September 21, The Underground, Lansdale, PA

September 22, SongSpace, Pittsburgh, PA

September 27, One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME

September 29, The Candelario’s, Milford, MA

September 30, Cozy Cabin Concerts, Green Brook, NJ

October 5, Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre, Limavady, UK

October 7, The Crescent, Belfast, UK

9.  Brooklyn Bridge by Steven Blane - unreleased

Here's a link to my site: Everything you need to know is there!  Check out my recently released album, Motel Blue! And my recent albums: "I Confess" recorded in Nashville and "The Shed Sessions" recorded in a shed in Lake Worth, Florida :-)

I'm also a Rabbi with an online synagogue. Here's a link to my Rabbi site. Join me online for Shabbat Services.

Could’ve Been Us - Jordi Baizan - unreleased

Jordi is going into the studio with Walt Wilkins to produce his second record to be released in the spring of next year. Following the release of the record in April, Jordi will be touring the US, Canada, and Western Europe for two years. 

Aug 18 - House concert, Houston TX

September 26-29 Southwest Regional Folk Alliance

Oct 14 - Cypress, TX 

Bob’s Boots - Terry Radigan - unreleased - mastered by Phil Klum for this broadcast

The song is brand spanking new and will be on my next release -  date tbd. My latest cd is ‘MORE’ and it’s on Catherine The Great records. My next gig will be Sept 8th at the Hudson West Folk Fest with my band VickiKristinaBarcelona. Be on the lookout for the “Radigan Roundup” starting up again this fall at the 12th Street Bar & Grill in Park Slope, Brooklyn - the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. 

12.  Coney Island - Safe As Houses from the album LUCKY LUCKY 

Aug 6 - Union Summer at Union Station Toronto, CA

Richard Boulger — indy single,  It was inspired after I heard a student at the school I had led the band program had been shot and killed.

PS 178 kids:

Contact Richard at:

for more information on the track and artist.

Jazz day camp in the Berkshires next week:

Berkshires Jazz Day Camp August 13 - 17 FREE for all high school, middle school jazz musicians, and Western Mass band directors.  It will be held in Cheshire, MA.

Alex Foster on sax

Alex Blake on bass

Richard Boulger on trumpet

Victor Jones on drums

Charles Blenzig on piano

The Berkshires Jazz Day Camp Aug 13 - 17, 2018

14.  I Like You A Latte - Nicole Zuraitis (aka “Nicole Z”) unreleased

Nicole writes, “When we moved to the city back in 2009, separately, i was a nanny and dan pugach was a barista at aroma espresso bar in midtown. he would wake up at ungodly hours and make people cappucinos and developed a love for coffee.  needless to say that when we began dating i got to reap the benefits of this new coffee love even after he was able to quit barista to be a full time drummer, and i was able to quit being a nanny to be a full time singer/pianist.  i wrote him this song after i found out there was a new competition called "the coffee music project" coming from London to NYC which was a songwriting contest and a fundraiser to bring clean water to coffee growing communities globally.  one of the criteria for the contest was to write a song involving "coffee" somehow....and i took it to a new level by writing this deeply backwards albeit sweet dedication to my former barista, now husband, called ‘The Coffee Song.’ And we won the competition!”

August 14th: Generations of Her Women Songwriters and

                     Lyricists at the Cell in NYC

August 16th Harbor Jazz Festival in Long Island with the

                    Dan Pugach Nonet

August 30th: Smalls Jazz Club NYC

August 31st: Birdland Jazz Club with the Birdland Big Band NYC

15.  Find Your Tribe - Big Little Lions 3:46 from the album 


Aug 5, 7 PM Filbert Festival, Filbert Park, Comox BC 

Aug 7 North Vancouver, BC

16.  Captain’s Church - by Good Night Blue Moon 4:04


We have a number of performances coming up, but here are some highlights:

Aug 16 Atwood’s Tavern, Cambridge, MA

Sep 8 CT Folk Festival, New Haven, CT

Nov 17 Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3, NYC

17.  Rabbit In The Road - Rachael Kilgour 3:43 from the album RABBIT IN THE ROAD

Aug 5, 7 PM Duluth, MN

August 11,  Peoples Church Unitarian Universalist 

Cedar Rapids, IA

August 17,  Old School Arts Center 

Hinkley, MN

August 18, Private House Concert

Cloquet, MN

September 21, Eddie Owen Presents at Red Clay Music Foundry 

Duluth, GA

September 23, The Evening Muse

Charlotte, NC

October 13, Unity House Concerts w/ Jean Rohe

Springfield, MA

October 19, Kirkland Art Center w/ Jean Rohe

Clinton, NY

Sunday 28, October 2018  Cozy Cabin Concerts  w/Jean Rohe

Watchung, NJ,

18.  Neon & Velour - Tragedy Ann 3:30 from the album MATCHES coming this fall

Hi — we’re “Neon & Velour,” where grit and groove meets softly swaying silk. We are Guelph-based Braden Phelan and Liv Cazzola, and if we’re known it’s for our chemistry and sense of humour, weaving colours and textures together to create Tragedy Ann. Although we only have one EP under our belts, we recently won two 2018 Folk Music Ontario Awards: The Songs From the Heart Award (SFTH), Blues category, for “Neon & Velour,” and the Humorous category for “Snooze,” both from the upcoming album Matches, to be independently released in September, 2018.  Thanks for listening!

Aug 16 | Rockwood Live Music Series | Rockmosa Community Centre, Rockwood, ON

Aug 29  | MS Chi-Cheemaun | Tobermory, ON   

Aug 30  | Huron Island Time | Providence Bay, ON         

Aug 31 | Marcg St. Stage | Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Sep 1 | Wiikwemkoong 58th Annual Cultural Festival | Thunderbird Park | Wiikwemkoong, ON

Sep 3 | MS Chi-Cheemaun | South Baymouth, ON         

Sep 6 | Silence | Guelph, ON    

Sep 7 | The Fitz | Lion's Head, ON        

Sep 8 | Garafraxa Cafe | Durham, ON   

Sep 9 | The Barn | Meaford, ON

Sep 15 | White Water Gallery | North Bay, ON   

Sep 16 | House Concert | Chelsea, ON  

Sep 20 | Live! On Elgin | Ottawa, ON     

Sep 21 | Old Church Theatre | Trenton, ON       

Sep 23 | The Garnet | Peterborough, ON           

Sep 27-30 | Folk Music Ontario | Toronto, ON    

Oct 4 | Artword Artbar | Hamilton, ON    

Oct 10 | House Concert | Everton, ON   

Oct 11 | House Concert | London, ON   

Oct 12 | Elora Acoustic Cafe | Elora, ON

Oct 13 | Burdock | Toronto, ON

Oct 14 | Silversmith | Niagara On the Lake, ON 

Oct 18 | Brownstone Cafe | Orillia, ON   

Oct 19 | Haliburton Folk Society | Minden, ON    

Oct 26 | The Tipper | Vancouver, BC     

Oct 31 | Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge | Parksville, BC              

Nov 2-4 | Woodstove Fest | Cumberland, BC     

Nov 8-11 | NERFA | Stamford CT          

Nov 17 | Grimross | Fredericton, NB      

Nov 19 | Paddy's Pub | Wolfville, NS      

Nov 25 | House Concert a la Hannigan | Montreal, QC   

19.  One by One — Lauren Pratt 4:19 from the album 


Sept 14, North Adams, MA

Sept 15, North Adams, MA Lauren is named as a 2018 Finalist for the No Depression Singer-Songwriter Award; the final round will be held at the FreshGrass music Festival in North Adams, MA. Congratulations to the other finalists, Clint Alphin, Caroline Cotter, and Heather Aubrey Lloyd (Heather is also on this radio show — her song is coming up — small world)!

20.  Singing My Heart Out — Louise Mosrie 2:53 from the album


Cliff Eberhardt and I will be at the Washington Square Hotel in NYC on Sunday, Oct 7th with Richard Barone hosting. :)

We're in FL for half of Sept ember (as Cliff Eberhardt w/special guest Louise Mosrie) at:

September 6: Radio Live in Pensacola

September 7: Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola

September 8: Labyrinth Cafe in Ft. Lauderdale 

September 14: Craftsman House in St. Pete 

September 15: ACMA (Americana Community Music Assn.)

in Ft. Myers

21.  Goodness That Could Be - Blackwater Trio 3:55 from the album CHELSEA MOON

Aug 12, Clarksdale, MS

Aug 17, Memphis, TN

Aug 23, Memphis, TN

22.  Evaporating Life - Annie Sumi 3:21 from the album 


Aug 10-12, Ear Falls, Ontario

Aug 15, Mindemoya, Ontario

23.  Man On The Moon - Benjamin Dakota Rogers 4:03 from the album STRONGMAN’S ADDRESS TO THE CIRCUS CROWD

Aug 6, Lynn River Music and Arts Festival, Norfolk CA

Aug 16 - 19, Philadelphia Folk Festival

September 1, Simcoe, CA (private event)


August 18, Arrowhead Center For The Arts, Grand Marais, MN

September 29, Unitarian Society, Hartford, CT

October 13, Hullet House Concert, Boulder, CO

25.  I Ought To Know - The Malvinas 3:54 from the album GOD BLESS THE GRASS, (song written by the late Jack Hardy)

The Malvinas are Gina Forsyth, Lisa Markley, and Beth Cahill

August 24, Music on the Square, Jonesborough, TN

August 25, Studio One, University of Eastern TN

26.  RPM (Revolution) IlYAIMY 4:03 Heather Aubrey Lloyd backed by her band, ilyAIMY (I Love You And I Miss You) - remastered by Phil Klum for this broadcast


Aug 8, Farm Brew Live, Manassas, VA

Aug 17, Black Ankle Vineyards, Mt. Airy, MD

Aug 28, Residence Inn @ John Hopkins, Baltimore, MD

27.  Murder City - Abigail Lapell 2:30

from the album: HIDE NOR HAIR

08/09 Sault Ste Marie, ON - Loplops

08/10-12 Red Rock, ON - Live From the Rock Festival

08/14 Winnipeg, MB - House Concert

08/16 Saskatoon, SK - House Concert

08/17 Calgary, AB - Cornerstone Music Cafe

08/18 Wainwright, AB - Come by the Hills Festival

08/19 Edmonton, AB - The Aviary

08/22 Regina, SK - Cloud 9

08/23 Winnipeg, MB - Musical Notes and Lunch Totes

(early show)

08/23 Winnipeg, MB - House Concert

08/24 Cyprus River, MB - House Concert

08/25 Fort Frances, ON - From the Grind Up

08/26 Thunder Bay, ON - Algoma House

28.  Temporary Tattoo - Jonathan Byrd 2:44

from the album THE PICKUP COWBOY

(will be released in the fall)

September 7, Athens, TN

September 15, Franklin, NC

September 22, Bristol, TN

September 23, Windfield Farm Concerts, Pfafftown, NC

29.  Babies - Brad Yoder "Babies" is very unreleased (not on an official recording). In 2017 it won the "Just This Guy" song contest

Aug 8, Bellevue Farmers Market, Pittsburgh, PA

Aug 18, Swissvale Farmers Market, Pittsburgh, PA

Aug 21 hosts Hambone’s Open Stage, Pittsburgh, PA

Aug 24, house concert with Rob Lutes, Pittsburgh, PA

30.  Someone Who Can Stand You - John Forster 3:30 from the album LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION coming soon

31.  The Color Of Roses - Beth Nielsen Chapman 4:50 from the album SAND AND WATER

Aug 8, Edinburgh, Scotland The Queens Hall

September 11, Nashville, TN Nashville Public Library

[Don’t forget to google Tara Lipinski and The Color Of Roses to see her skate to that song]

32.  The Other Shore - Kenny White 3:36 from the album 


Aug 17, Brownfield, ME Stone Mountain Arts Center

Aug 29, Woodbridge, NJ cobill with Willie Nile

September 1, Phoenix, AZ Musical Instrument Museum, opening for Stephen Stills & Judy Collins

September 15 Decatur, GA Eddie’s Attic

September 28 Budarz Theater, Ossining Library, Ossining, NY

33.  Sum Of All Things - Genevieve 4:01 (unreleased — will be on an album next year on Late Shift Records)

I'm performing at the Madison Farmers Market (Madison, NJ) on August 9th, Four Sisters Winery (Belvidere, NJ) on August 10th, Rock on Radio on August 12th, World Cafe on August 18th, and Spilling the Tea with Jonathan Tea at Clancy's Tavern in Neptune, NJ on August 30th. 

34.  Threnody - Safe As Houses 3:12 from the album 


Two odd words in this song:

threnody: a song of lamentation

tamponade: a condition in which the heart is compressed because of the accumulation of fluid in the pericardium

Aug 6, Union Summer at Union Station, Toronto, CA

Dave Van Ronk liked to say, “It’s very hard to write a good political song, but it’s very easy to write a bad one.”  Those words have always haunted me, but I think Dave would be proud of all the songwriters you’re about to hear — all the way to the end of the show.

35.  The Root - Greg Klyma - 3:37 - unreleased - Recorded live at The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Lounge Stage in 2017, Scott Jones, engineer, edited and mastered in 2018 by Phil Klum

Aug 10, Dream Away Lodge, Becket, MA

Aug 12, The Living Wage at Americana Sundays, Somerville, MA

Aug 16, The Living Wage at Strange Brew, Manchester, NH

Aug 17, Citizen Slim at Aeronaut Allston, Allston, MA

36.  Fellas, Get Out The Way - Scott Cook  3:31

from the album FURTHER DOWN THE LINE, which came out on my own label, Groove Revival.  Thanks aplenty, cheers from the BC Rockies.

Aug 9-12 Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton, Alberta

Aug 17-19 Bear Creek Folk Music Festival, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Aug 23, Vancouver, BC

Aug 28/29 Portland, OR

Sep 7-9 Sisters Folk Fest, Sisters, OR

Sep 12 Ashland, OR w/ Justin Farren

Sep 13 San Francisco, CA w/ Justin Farren

Sep 14 Sacramento, CA w/ Justin Farren

Sep 21-23 Earthwork Harvest Gathering Lake City, MI

37.  Speaking Out - Kathleen Healy 2:58 - not released yet -

backing vocals - Catie Flynn, Doreen LaFranchise, Kim Moberg, & Tanya Roza

Name of Album - still working on that one . . . lots of "working titles" floating around in my head -

Aug 6, O’Shea’s Olde Inn, West Dennis, MA

Aug 8, Hyannis Public Library, Hyannis, MA

Aug 9, Outside in the boat at Planck’s Tavern, Yarmouth Port, MA

38.  Hard To Hear The Angels Sing - Jeff Daniels & The Ben Daniels Band 3:53  from the album ACOUSTIC SITTIN’ TOUR 2018 - remastered by Phil Klum for this broadcast

Aug 7, Wequassett Resort & Golf Club in East Harwich, MA

Aug 9, (two shows) Iron Horse, Northampton, MA

Aug 10, The Cabot in Beverly, MA

Aug 11, Infinity Hall, Norfolk CT

Aug 12, Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, CT

Aug 15, City Winery, NYC

Aug 16, State Theater in State College, PA

Aug 17, Ram’s Head, Annapolis, MD

Aug 18, The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA

Aug 19, Philadelphia Folk Festival

Oct 28, first preview performance of “To Kill A Mockingbird,” Shubert Theater, NYC, written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Bartlett Sher, starring Jeff Daniels as Atticus Finch

39.  Fields Of America - Rupert Wates 2:45

from the album: THE LIGHTS OF PARIS

My upcoming gigs: a three month tour of the US, beginning August 9 and including California, Oregon, New Mexico, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan and Illinois, returning to New York City in the first week of October.  All dates at

40.  The President Sang Amazing Grace - Zoe Mulford 3:20 from the album SMALL BROWN BIRDS

Aug 9 - Cranfest in the Harwich Cultural Center, Cape Cod, MA

Aug 12 - Pleasant River Chapel, Vinalhaven Island, ME

September 5, Spalding Folk Club, Lincolnshire UK

September 7, Timperley Folk Club, Greater Manchester, UK

October 5, Rhyl Folk Club, North Wales, UK 

41.  Amazing Grace - Barack Obama 1:05,

42.  Battle Hymn For An Army Of Lovers - Crys Matthews 3:23 


Aug 9, District Wharf - District Pier, Washington, DC

Aug 17, Philadelphia Folk Festival

Aug 19, Naked Mountain Winery, Markham, VA

Aug 24, Oregaia, Portland, OR

September 8, SisterSpace, Darlington, MD

43,  Hope Lingers On - Low Lily  2:08 from the album 10,000 DAYS LIKE THESE

They are not Canadian (sorry bout that — but they are certainly flattered that I thought they were!).  They’re from Vermont.

Aug 19, Greenfield, NH, Folksoul Music Festival

Aug 31-Sept 1 Tunkhannock, PA, Cornstock Festival

Sept 14 Granby, CT, Salmon Brook Music Series

Sept 15, Middleborough, MA Joe Davies Folk Festival

Sept 28-29, Bethlehem, PA Celtic Classic

Oct 8, Springville, NY Springville Center for the Arts

Oct 6, Lemont, PA Acoustic Brew

Oct 18, Rock Hall, MD The Mainstay

Oct 19, Solomons, MD The Calvert Marine Museum

Oct 20, Lancaster, PA Tellus 360

Guest host Christine Lavin

Aug 16 Arlington, MA fundraiser at The Regent Theater for Jimmy Tingle, running for Lt. Gov. of Massachusetts; also performing are  Don White and Deborah Henson-Conant 

Aug 17-19 Philadelphia Folk Festival

September 7-9 Turtle Hill Folk Festival, Rochester, NY

September 15 Lake Katonah Club, Katonah, NY


Thank you to: 

John Platt, host

Jeremy Rainer at the controls

Mastering engineer Phil Klum, 

Falcon Ridge Lounge Stage engineer Scott Jones

Recording engineer Rich Lamb

Radio consultants: Eileen and Allan Pepper

And to all the singer/songwriters on this broadcast for writing such good music. And of course to all the listeners like you who contribute to this fine radio station.  If you’re not a member of WFUV, now’s a good time to join and a sweet way to send good wishes to John Platt. 

This show will be in the “Sunday Supper” archives at starting at 8 PM on Sunday August 5, but only for two weeks.  Then, poof, it’s gone.  So listen while you can — it’s 43 of some of the best songs being written and performed in 2018.  

Thanks for tuning in!

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