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Jim Caruso's Cast Party

The following list of the best performers I have seen at Cast Party was simply too long to include in the book, but I wanted you to know about them: on any given Monday night in Manhattan you might see the jazz diva goddess Carrie Jackson, sophisticated whip-smart Colleen McHugh, the adorably ditzy Janet Fanale, the dazzling Valarie Pettiford, madcap Sarah Rice, brilliant Nancy White, vocalists Michael Winther, Natalie Douglas, Aria Hendricks, Clint Holmes, Lorraine Ferro, Sacha Boutros, Gene Santini, violinist Aaron Weinstein, Baby Jane Dexter, Jordon Klapman, Adi Braun, Louise Duart, Steven Watkins, "Miranda," the LA voice teacher, The Fleet Street Singers from Stanford University, Skip Brevis, Rob Gardner, Galia Arad, Daniel McBride, Josh Young, Rob Langeder, the duo "Small Potatoes," Marvin Parks,  Jenna Esposito, George Stella, Sue Matsuki, Shanee Rainbolt, Harmony Keeney, Alison Wonderland (yes, that's her real name -- I made her show me her drivers license), Stephen Zelin, the singing CPA (and he really is), Janet Fanale, David Nathan Scott, Carl Anthony, Miss Staten Island Ryan Kelly, jazz star Arturo O'Farrill, Seinfeld writer Tommy Leopold, Charles West, Giles Terera, Phil Amarante, Janice Martin, Markeisha Ensley, Lester Bell, Mandy Bennett, Ruby Rakos, David Celia, Marissa Levy, Vince Rodriguez, Jeanne MacDonald, Heather Friedman, Liz O'Donnell, Michael Patrick Phelan, Shannon Thurston, Eddie Eng, Carsie Blanton, Eliott Roth, Jonathan Shew, Alex Getlin, Sarah Jane McMahon, Karen Murphy, Shonn Wiley, Molly Pope, and Melissa Ward.  If you are frustrated that I haven't told you enough about the above singers, go to your computer and start googling.  They are all terrific.  Every good musician I meet on the road, I tell theme about Cast Party.  I'm still waiting for Donal Hinely to show up one night.