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DAVID IPPOLITO  #20 "This Moment"

DAVID IPPOLITO nbsp20 This Moment

David Ippolito  
"This Moment"
(by John Wallowitch,
to whom this album is dedicated)

David considers himself one of the luckiest men alive. He is a New York based singer/songwriter who is better known to hundreds of thousands of people as "That Guitar Man from Central Park."

"This Moment"

Here's my Christmas story . . .

This was many many years before I was called "That Guitar Man from Central Park". Back then, I didn't make a living as a singer/songwriter so I was just helping out with the family business. One year on Christmas Eve as we were closing up for the holiday, we discovered that my favorite uncle, Uncle Billy, had misplaced $8,000 of the company's money. If we didn't find it, we were going to be in big trouble with the bank. We needed a miracle that year. I didn't know what to do and,honestly, I was desperate. None of us had any idea that old man Potter had actually found the money... um... oh... oh wait... no, that wasn't me. Sorry. Um... never mind.

Merry Christmas, everybody.