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DARRYL PURPOSE  Track #15  "The Christians & The Pagans"

DARRYL PURPOSE nbspTrack 15 nbspThe Christians  The Pagans

Darryl Purpose  "The Christians And The Pagans"
(written by Dar Williams)

Darryl Purpose, Singer/Songwriter from Colorado. Executive Producer of the 2009 CD - "Singer/Songwriter Heaven, the songs of Kevin Faherty."

"The Christians And The Pagans"

In December of 1996, at the beginning of my touring career, I traveled to Berkeley to do an in-store promotion for my first CD, Right Side Of Zero. While there I dropped my wallet somewhere on Telegraph Avenue. Although I didn't have much money to my name - it had been years since my heyday as a professional gambler - what cash I had was in the wallet, about $500.

Back home in Venice a few days later, I received a phone call from a woman, who asked if I was Darryl Purpose. When I said yes, she told me she'd found my wallet. I tentatively asked if there was any money in the wallet. She replied that there was a lot of money in the wallet. She asked for my address - said she wanted to mail it to me. I asked for her phone number. She explained that she didn't have one - she was homeless. I told her to take out $100 for herself.
We said polite good byes.

I wondered if I'd ever see my wallet, or hear from her again. Just when I'd given up hope - about five days later - I received a package. She had sent the wallet, a cashiers check for $400, and a letter saying that she didn't feel comfortable taking the $100, so she gave it to a family she new who was in 'real' need. A few years later I received an email from her,
she had found my website, and expressed interest in coming to a show.  
I wrote back and told her she was permanently on the my guest list.

For many years after, she showed up at the Freight & Salvage when I came to town.