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DEBI SMITH  #10 "From The Hills Of Bethlehem"

DEBI SMITH nbsp10 From The Hills Of Bethlehem

Debi Smith  "From The Hills Of Bethlehem"

"A multi-instrumentalist with a three-octave vocal range, Debi Smith writes songs with the craftsmanship of an artisan and the insight of a poet” (All Music Guide).  Debi has recorded over twenty albums and compilations, including five solo recordings, for which she has won many Wammies (Washington Area Music Awards), ASCAP composer awards, and American Library Awards. Her songs and musicianship have been recorded on other artists' recordings, including Tom Paxton's Grammy-nominated "Looking For The Moon,"  Ken Burn's "The National Parks" PBS documentary (with Al Petteway), and Cheryl Wheeler's "Driving Home." She has appeared at theatres and festivals across North America, and on such radio and television programs as Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion," "All Things Considered," and "CBS Sunday Morning." For many years Debi toured with her sister Megan in "THE SMITH SISTERS," recording albums with instrumentalists Doc & Merle Watson and Mark O'Connor.  She has been a member of THE FOUR BITCHIN' BABES since 1993.  Debi lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband and son.

Debi's latest CD, entitled "The Soprano," is a double CD which includes a Christmas album.  It is a collection of favorites and originals mainly featuring Debi's soprano voice.
Debi's latest solo project
This song is from that album.

"From The Hills Of Bethlehem"

Our son, Lee, has mild autism, and one Christmas when he was very young we were working especially hard on his "pretend play" skills (children with autism do not generally engage in pretend play, and it is important in a child's development).  We discovered he had a thing for armadillos, thanks to a PBS nature special, and he expressed a desire to have one.  All that year, we went on a quest for an armadillo of some kind -- preferably not a live one(!) -- to give him as a gift.  Finally when I was at the Kerrville Festival in Texas I found a small stuffed armadillo and brought it home.  The other thing Lee really wanted at Christmas was a Fischer-Price McDonald's play set.  That one was easy!  Lee was thrilled with both gifts; however, the greatest gift that Christmas was that many an hour was spent playing with Mr. Armadillo at the Drive-Thru ordering a Hamburger Happy Meal.  By the way, Lee is currently working on a degree in Fine Arts.  And we still have Mr. Armadillo.