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JEFF DANIELS  #1 "Won't You Please Stay For Christmas, Santa Claus?"

JEFF DANIELS nbsp1 Wont You Please Stay For Christmas, Santa Claus

Jeff Daniels  "Won't You Please Stay For Christmas, Santa Claus?"

Jeff Daniels has appeared in over fifty films. Among other accolades, he has received an Obie Award, a Tony Nomination for Best Actor, three Golden Globe Nominations, and in 2005 the AARP Award for Best Actor Over Fifty. As a playwright, he has written 14 plays, all of which have premiered at his Purple Rose Theatre Company in Chelsea, Michigan. A lifelong musician, in 2000 Daniels began performing publicly as a way to raise money for this theatre company. He now plays across the country and has recorded four CDs; LIVE AND UNPLUGGED, GRANDFATHER’S HAT, TOGETHER AGAIN with Jonathan Hogan, and LIVE AT THE PURPLE ROSE. Proceeds from his recordings go to the Purple Rose Theatre Company.

"Won't You Please Stay For Christmas, Santa Claus?"

On Christmas Eve, my wife Kathleen makes sure she gives our whole family the same present: one piece pajamas. Same color, same footsies. Come Christmas Morning, our three kids, now in their twenties, Kathleen and I don our gay apparel and down the stairs we come, all wearing something designed for infants. Strangely, we all look forward to it.