I Was In Love With A Difficult Man

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released 2002   Redwing Music

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I Was In Love With A Difficult Man is Christine's work that she calls her "dream album." The title cut is a bouncy reminiscence of a type of man nearly all women are familiar with. As Christine puts it, "If you are a woman you are probably thinking 'been there /done that' - if you are a difficult man you are probably thinking 'more proof that chicks dig us.'"  The album also includes a rare recording of her favorite actress, Pat Crawford Brown, also known as Aunt Patsy -- a poem she wrote that precedes the song Something Beautiful, about her Aunt Carolyn, a wonderful painter.  Her ocean painting is on the cover, and the package was designed by Carolyn's daughter, Maureen Bennett O'Connor.

The song Firehouse is her post-911 tribute to the brave men of Ladder 25 in NYC -- the ones who lost their lives, the ones who carry on.

Album produced by Steve Rosenthal, recorded at The Magic Shop in NYC.  

updated: 10 years ago