cover of folkZinger

released 2005   Appleseed Records

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Christine Lavin continues her lyrical focus on the foibles of contemporary life. Far more than a comedienne with a guitar, Christine creates theatrical vignettes in many of her songs by utilizing hilarious spoken-word anecdotes and mini-skits, occasional sound effects, and an ever-broadening palette of arrangements.

Everyday absurdities and indignities remain the backbone (and funnybone) of Christine's repertoire. Whether it's the latest approach to safe sex ("Bad Girl Dreams"), the nightmare of uncancellable e-mail subscriptions ("Chicken Soup"), or a yearning for an imaginary-sounding but real island paradise free of telemarketers, ring-tones, or even the words for "want" or "hurry" ("Moken Spoken Here"), Christine presents these scenarios for our amusement. For contrast, there's also a quiet, thoughtful take on 21st Century midlife crises ("The Bends" which includes the haunting voice of cabaret diva Maude Maggart on harmonies),  a charming reminiscence of her staid grandfather's moment of athletic glory ("One of the Boys"), a torchy "makeout" version of The Beatles' "All My Lovin'" and a cover of Donovan's cheery "Happiness Runs" that includes Chris's account of her airborne encounter with her future Appleseed label-mate.

"The Accidentals," winner of the National Harmony Sweepstakes, close out the album with a fantastic a cappella vocal arrangement of Christine's "Winter In Manhattan," a song which has now become a perennial favorite in their winter concert repertoire.  

Album produced by Brian Bauers

updated: 9 years ago