Tuesday, August 29, 2017

One hour radio show - listen any time

Christine is the guest on "Woody's Children" with Bob Sherman for the entire hour, which will include two recordings from her new album SPAGHETTIFICATION

wfuv.org/weekendarchives -- all day

Scroll down to "August 27, 2017" then scroll to "Woody's Children" and click, you're in.

website: www.wfuv.org/weekendarchives

Here's the songs I do live:

Don’t Take Anyone
The Cloud Appreciation Society
Getting Weighed
Sunday Breakfast With Christine
The Moment Slipped Away
Sitting At Julie Gold’s Piano

Here's the recordings he plays:

Sinkholes! from “Spaghettification”
Turn This Ship Around from “Spaghettification”

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